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    I guess its my turn, sad day

    So sorry to hear.
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    FS Ibanez 1977 2618 Ibanez Artist with new Stainless Steel Frets

    Absolutely LOVE that color and these are fantastic guitars. Les Paul killer for sure.
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    Heck Yea - Eruption on a Gibson Les Paul

    I only ever played it on a Les Paul.
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    Traded..$2250...Kiesel SH 550 Custom order. Trade for LP Standard/Custom/Trad/Historic for nephew.

    One more time. Trade for LP(nephew wants a real Gibson).
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    TONE X Active Mid Boost at yer fingertips ! For Trade.

    This is a great effect if you want that cocked wah sound. Sacrifice a tone or volume control on your guitar or put it in a project box. GLWTS

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