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    Looking for DiMarzio 500k pots

    Musician`s Friend has current new ones for sale on the site. $10.79 each.
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    What do we do with the box?

    Save it in case you ever sell/trade it, or ever have to send to Gibson for warranty work. A shipping box is always good to have.
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    Price drop...PICS ADDED!!!!! Gilmour type strat Warmoth, Allparts, Duncan FAT neck Trades?

    I would really like to ship this to one of you on Saturday.
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    Bulletproof - Rest In Peace

    Rox, we don`t know each other well but we have had some chats. I`m a good listener if you need to chat, vent, whatever. You know where to find me. This goes for anyone here.
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    NAD Blues King 8

    I think the 10 is the best for my needs. Thank you
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    Suggestions on upgrades for Les Paul

    There is a small hole in the pot you can put the tube into and give a squirt, and then work the pot. You may want invest in a new harness and pickups if you really like the guitar. For starters, look at the Pay it forward again thread. You`ll be happy you did.
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    Hey all newbie here

    Welcome to the Asylum. We get pudding on Friday nights if we are good(we never are) and they promise cake but I never got any!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But seriously, this is a great place full of fantastic people(with a few trolls, but they don`t last long). Ask all the questions you like and we will try...
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    So, What'cha listen to today?

    Nothing Too sad.
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    Bulletproof - Rest In Peace

    Wow I`m finding it hard to find the words. I didn`t know him well. In fact most of our communication was when one of us beat the other to a killer deal on here(we have similar tastes I guess). Like that Phaez SIBLY combo!!!! But always a friendly and/or supportive comment. A TRUE class act. I...
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    NAD Blues King 8

    And which do you prefer?
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    Yamaha Revstar YELLOW!!!

    These are fantastic guitars.
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    Pay It Forward Again

    Those revstar pickups sound very good.
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    Ed Cheapo guitar giveaway/sale

    Just a suggestion. List the giveaway stuff in the Pay it forward thread. Other than that, great thread and best of luck. i WANT that P90 paul but have to sell something first.
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    Semi Hollow Models Comparable to ES-335

    Ibanez. Anything above the 103 will be a VERY nice guitar.

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