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    I wish my Les Paul wasn't so perfect...

    sorry this is the best analogy I can come up with. Imagine that you are dating or married to a supermodel she's absolutely perfect she's gorgeous most beautiful body received in your life but you can't bring yourself to have sex with her because you're afraid you'll get her messy! Wouldn't that...
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    '64 SG Jr. horror show restoration goodness. opinions welcome. pic heavy.

    Got to agree using a wood dowel probably would make it a much stronger joint and if it becomes a problem I would redo it that way but right on man the beautiful instrument I would just play the crap out of it! JUNIORS ARE JUST FREAKING AWESOME!! Like a Esquire with testicles! I mean that was...
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    Goldtop popped up locally: is this authentic?

    all the comments above seem valid but Gibson has made an awful lot of guitars and some do look substantially better than others I would want to look at the cavities and you got to look at the back if you have the headstock and all that like every one of them said but the bottom line is if you...
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    I've been wanting to name my Les Paul for a while.

    Yes skinny neck and Ebony board it was my backup guitar for about 10 years and then my main guitar for almost 20 years and then I bought an R9 a few years ago and it weighs 10 lb of my R9 weighs 8.5 and then I built an Esquire that weight 6.4 and I am as I'm getting older I'm fighting the weight...
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    I've been wanting to name my Les Paul for a while.

    My first one never got a name. My 2nd was named after a friend that was a stripper. She and her girlfriend were regular custmers at a store i ran in Seattle. Her stage name was bambi an she was a sexy black chic. Guitar is a black les Paul pro deluxe from 1980 i bought it new from the same shop...
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    What song says "Gibson" to you?

    I'll be honest I have never heard this track. Pretty much all of blow by blow got me to get my first les paul in 1976
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    Convince me to not sell my MIJ LP to get a Gibson LP

    2 questions first question does it feel good? second question does it sound good? If you answered yes to both those questions keep the guitar save your money and buy a Gibson down the road and if you're planning this shity club bring this guitar and if you're playing and Outdoor Show bring this...
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    Sticker switch cavity R9

    Maybe they had special incarnations read over them and now have the power to bewitch the listener. And steal the players soul.... or it could mean something else.
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    Best P90 Gibson guitar?

    if money is no object probably around Patel 1954 gold top Les Paul. Or I'd gladly play a 1957 Les Paul junior for the rest of my life great incredible resonant guitar. Or I could happily play a Gibson 330 what's the 2 p-90 pickups or a guitar this possibly one of my future instruments a 1954...
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    NGD - 2020 Standard '60s Iced Tea

    While I agree with a brand new guitar it's certainly shouldn't come with those kind of marks on the fretboard it should be perfect. However if you like the way that guitar looks it's not too heavy and you enjoy the way it plays and it's a good sounding guitar. I would consider the marks parts...
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    New Gibson Les Pauls - what happened?

    Back in 1975 when I got my first Les Paul I was a kid it was my first good guitar and I went into a store in Seattle called Uptown music. I really didn't know anything about what I was doing and there were so many beautiful fancy guitar are they worth customs and gold tops and black beauties and...
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    I Bought a Les paul Traditional and i kinda regret it...

    In 2014 after years of looking online at Guitar I was finally in a position to spend a lot of money and get myself up Custom Shop historic R9. I went to remove music in Tucson which had a bunch of them and it seemed as though they kept them all in the back room and cases so that wankers couldn't...
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    Lets see your wall of amps

    Love just love your cobra burst custom!
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    Vintage 1956 Les Paul Special...well loved

    The couple of vintage 57 juniors I've played did have small frets but still were amazing and eye opening. Medium jumbo fretts would be nice maybe someday I'll be able to get a players grade. It would probably become my number one.

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