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    Ok I’m officially grounding myself from guitar shopping . Another NGD/incoming

    ? How do you like the neck? I've been looking at the 60s in the 50s Les Paul Standard be coming out with I have an R9 but I was thinking of picking one up just cuz they look nice. But I haven't played one I'm waiting for amateur showing up on the used Market. I need Tobacco Burst or maybe an...
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    2020 Lemon burst R8 pics

    That is gorgeous!
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    Weird things we love about Les Pauls

    The cover of Jeff Beck's album blow-by-blow. That did it for me and then I got a wine red Les Paul Standard in like 76 maybe 77 I could not look at that guitar and not pick it up and play it sadly I got stupid toward 1980 and I sold it. Went through a couple different guitars and then bought a...
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    Can this Les Paul Jr be Salvaged?

    I would do as little as humanly possible and clean it up if Electronics work excellent how to find vintage parts for whatever you need to replace I believe the back of the headstock looking narly makes it look kind of scary you can call it an Old Scratch
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    R9 saga on The Gear Page.

    Like endless debate about which version of overdrive you should have what's the best is it a Timmy or Tube Screamer variation or a. ..... and if you could only have one..
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    Playing a real deal 1959 Les Paul.

    I've hit the point where I'm old enough but I can see a difference the way things are done today and the way people work today not all but most paintball my son's age mid-20s my stepsons age 18 and the way I grew up working I'm 60 we had a work ethic. In the old days when you called a business...
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    I had a 2014 that I had pick from a vey nice and well stocked shop. I still have the COA but sadly not the guitar in 2016 it developed a slight warp in the neck and on the G and a string on the 14th fret it would not fret cleanly when I would get up above the 14th fret I would get fret buzz...
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    Post your historics back shots.....

    Ok! Feeling VERY envious of your 10 historics but i really think you should now show the front view of all of those now. Please? 10 who are you joe B?
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    Would You Get This Touched Up? 1960 TV Yellow Special

    Short answer NO. long answer HELL NO DON'T! Just love it and play it.
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    I’m going to gig my Braz R9

    I've been playing biker club houses and events. Poker runs and out door rallys. One of my les pauls are always used. My 2nd is always a Esquire or a telecaster. The amp is usually a handwired 56 tweed deluxe clone. Never ever had a problem. Bar must be different.
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    Locking Bridge Studs for Wraparound Bridges: Dissertaiton and Discussion?

    II have a guitar I've had for a long time. What new in 1980 gets a bottle called the Pro Deluxe basically it looks like 56 reissue with a skinny neck in an ebony board. I've tried top wrapping it. I've also tried top wrapping my R9 I've tried light gauge strings I've tried heavy strings my...
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    What do you think is the best Marshall amp ever made?

    How did or do you l8ke the. traynor amp? And did you keep it stock or mod it?
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    Clean & polish a vintage or let it be?

    I've owned old guitars and clean them a bone broth guitars and left them alone. If the Frets need to be addressed address them if the tuners need to be addressed addressed if the fretboards nasty-looking and clean it first rest of the guitar if it bothers you I guess if it doesn't bother you...
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    Chris Buck bought an EGF1200!

    Don't think I'd call it a Gibson but maybe an epiphone
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    NGD Murphy lab ultra light relics

    Now thats the way to celebrate your 60th! I got my R9 for my 50th. For my 60th im planning on getting a taylor 714ce.

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