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    T-shirt logo and nitro finish?

    Yes happens on not and humid days. A part of my "Bangkok" shirt made an impression at the back of my nitro finish American Orginal 50's strat. I was able to take most off but you can still see a ghost mark at the back. I was bummed for a week. That happened the day after I bought it.
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    Post Your Historic Bourbon Bursts!

    I did read somewhere that the Collector’s Choice #7 Shanks was based on a bourbon burst or even a darker cherry burst. It does look bourbon to me. Here’s mine, #208.
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    2017 R8... Gap between end of neck and pickup ring.. Deal breaker or not?

    Sizeable gap on mine. It’s ebony so it’s not too obvious. It’s a 2015 True Historic 57 LP Custom so I’d say its accurate. Don’t worry about it. Defnitely not a deal breaker and adds to the authenticity. I don’t think Chibsons would replicate that feature.
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    Should i return my new Gibson?

    I would keep the guitar. The only thing that would bother me is the cracked pickup ring. It's a minor, replaceable issue and agree that shouldn't be there on a new guitar. Things could be worse...a twisted neck, uneven frets, a dead pickup etc. So thank goodness it's just the pickup ring. What...
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    My VOS R9 is slowly turning glossy

    Embrace it. My VOS BB7, being black, would show this unevenness even more. Through the years I would polish it with a clean dry cloth and once a year give it a full cleaning with a Gibson pump polish. Eventually, the wear areas would even out. I just did another full body polish last month and...
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    Getting obsessed with a BB7

    Thank you! It's true! LP Customs are can't just have one.
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    Post Your Black (Beauty) Les Paul Customs

    Got an old flame back. I sold this one two years ago and when I found out it was for sale, I had to check it out. Took it home yesterday. It’s a 2015 Historic Select Custom. I learned it was made for the Japanese market when the original run of True Historics were done. So a few Japanese dealers...
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    Getting obsessed with a BB7

    The only way is get one. I love Black Beauties as much as any R9. Let me help you GAS up a bit hehehe... 2015 True Historic Select 57RI. It's also Hand Selected for a Japanese dealer. 2011 Historic 57RI
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    Question about VOS and what to expect

    It should have no dings or finish cracks/checking. Swirl marks are common. Light directional scratches in the finish are on par too. All metal parts should have some dullness, minor corrosion and occassional pitting. Rust can also be found at the back of the tuner keys, sometimes the bridge...
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    Pauls to the walls! Show off ALL of your Lesters!

    My updated collection. The 2016 LP trad had to go in favor for a 2011 B7 LP Custom
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    Post Your Black (Beauty) Les Paul Customs

    This has to be my best LP Custom. It replaced a 2018 Wildwood LPC which was a pound heavier and had a rather unstable neck which needed adjustment every 3-4 months. This one is a 2011 B7 and is rock solid. It’s shy of 9lbs, which I consider light for Customs. The original black CS case was...
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    Dark line in grain

    Mineral streak. I mean 42 years and it hasn't changed a thing, would you think it were something else aside from a mineral streak?
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    Not On The Radar: 2019 Standard Faded

    Beautiful! Something about a burst in satin finish. I saw a row of this model in Osaka, Japan last summer and thought they were a Japan only limited edition. It’s not on the Gibson site either. Limited edition for sure and surprised to see it with a US dealer. It was ¥174,900 or roughly $1650. I...
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    Pauls to the walls! Show off ALL of your Lesters!

    2019 Classic, 2016 Standard T, 2014 R8, 2016 Traditional T
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    NGD 2003 LP Classic Ebony and Gold

    So you're the one who snagged it! I was looking for a LP in CME and that Classic caught my eye. Black and gold, classic recipe for a Black Beauty. I gave myself a day or two to think about and then pull the trigger. When I was ready, it was gone! Congrats great LP and great price!

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