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    Classic Custom

    2014 was the year and the neck is rosewood:
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    NGD.. Gibby Classic lite

    The finish is actually listed as Honey Burst. I have the same guitar. Congratulations!!!
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    Cobra Burst?

    I know they made the Les Paul ES in Cobra Burst because I have one: I've seen Customs but I don't know that I've ever seen a Standard in Cobra Burst.
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    Short scale weight relieved ES guitar

    I think what you are looking for is an ES-125 or ES-140. I don't remember either of those being reissued, however.
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    Gibson Classic Truss Rod Cover

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    It's time to "Pop Your Cherry!" (Cherry and Wine Red thread)

    I'll play: 2008 Dark Fire: 2014 Classic Custom Flower Pot:
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    Another Gibson Les Paul Studio

    I've always liked that color. Congratulations!!!
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    2014 Les Paul Studio serial number question

    My 2014 Special has the new style serial number format (140024XX) and no anniversary inlay. My 2014 Classic Custom has the old style serial number (1170403XX) and no anniversary inlay. My 2014 Peace has the new style serial number (1400492XX) and the anniversary inlay. I guess what I'm trying...
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    Special Love?

    Here is my 2001 Special with P-100 pickups (technically a Junior Special): And my 2014 Special AAA Flame Top: Might as well throw in my 2007 SG Special Faded: and my 2012 SG Special 70's Tribute:
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    HNGD. 2008 Les Paul Supreme

    It's a great guitar. Here is mine:
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    HNGD. 2008 Les Paul Supreme

    Yes. The Supreme has an extra latch on the case and a shroud that is not attached. Congratulations! I now know where the twin to mine ended up! :)
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    Les Paul supreme check

    100% Ebony
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    Les Paul supreme check

    It's real (at least the pictures are of a real Supreme). I have a twin made in 2008. Fun facts: The case has an extra latch The shroud is not attached to the case. The frets are gold (not real gold - just the color)
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    Gibson Collections - Show them off!

    I could take a group photo but it would take me a week to set it up...
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    Should i return new my case?

    If it were me, I would return it. If it bothers you enough to post about it, then it is always going to bother you. That looks like one of those hard to replace, expensive cases too. If it was my case, I wouldn't have asked. I would have already had them replace it.

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