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    HNGD. 2008 Les Paul Supreme

    It's a great guitar. Here is mine:
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    HNGD. 2008 Les Paul Supreme

    Yes. The Supreme has an extra latch on the case and a shroud that is not attached. Congratulations! I now know where the twin to mine ended up! :)
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    Les Paul supreme check

    100% Ebony
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    Les Paul supreme check

    It's real (at least the pictures are of a real Supreme). I have a twin made in 2008. Fun facts: The case has an extra latch The shroud is not attached to the case. The frets are gold (not real gold - just the color)
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    Gibson Collections - Show them off!

    I could take a group photo but it would take me a week to set it up...
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    Should i return new my case?

    If it were me, I would return it. If it bothers you enough to post about it, then it is always going to bother you. That looks like one of those hard to replace, expensive cases too. If it was my case, I wouldn't have asked. I would have already had them replace it.
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    My Classics. Please post yours!

    2014 Classic Custom 3: 2017 Classic HP:
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    Traditional Date Stamp Confusion

    No problem! That is what I LOVE about mylespaul - 99.999% of people are here to help each other!
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    Traditional Date Stamp Confusion

    You could look at the inspection card that came with your guitar. They usually list it on that card.
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    Pulled the trigger on a Studio SB... any concerns?

    I'd be willing to bet that is a 2009. I have the same guitar. The bonus is that it has an ebony fret board. I don't think they were making Silverburst Studios in 2003 but I could be wrong. Here is a picture of mine: Same Grover tuners. Reflectors. Rimburst too. My money is on 2009.
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    Please don't laugh.....

    I won't laugh. It's AWESOME! If I ever came across one in good condition like that at a fair price, I would have one too!
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    NGD '17 Les Paul Custom Axcess Rhino 1 of 25

    The spec sheet he posted shows the available quantity as 25.
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    My friend, please help me look at this pickups

    It is another attempt at the Gibson PAF pickups with AlNiCo 3 magnets. Some people like them, some people hate them. I don't have a guitar that has these pickups, but I've heard they are a little lower output. They usually put them in Reissue guitars.
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    How do you store your LP

    Like this:

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