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    New Tommy Thayer?!?!?!?!?

    Exactly why I mentioned it... I also saw that show. Cheers, Butch
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    New Tommy Thayer?!?!?!?!?

    Okay, I am not going to debate playing merits, but Tommy does have some cool guitars. Evidently, there is another one in the pipeline... Les Paul? Sparkle explorer? per Tommy Thayer's twitter account... @tommy_thayer Here's Didi Egger from Austria & his @Epiphone White Lightning LP on...
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    Obviously influenced by the Spaceman

    Guys, I have been enjoying all the recent Ace love that has been going on... I see the modifications, the stock guitars, all great. Having been guilty sharing in different threads, I would like to put my "Influenced by Ace" stamp on the forum... (I'll leave out the Spaceman and White Lightning...
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    My new Ace Frehley Project Les Paul

    Nice job...I was always a huge fan of that guitar (see the avatar). Even went so far as to turn mine into a smoker...LOL Cheers, Butch
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    NGD: Ace Frehley Signature - TRANS BLACK!

    Very nice. To answer the question, no pickguard initially...still very cool. I had that one before the HCB model. Cheers, Butch
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    Budokan, Bradley-kan, and the Spirit of 76 (project days ahead) If link doesn't work... Smokemyguitar "She" cover by novaresource. One of the students at School of Rock Ft Washington PA playing the Bradley-kan. One smoke bomb, one light (stage was a bit bright to see the light). Cheers, Butch
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    Budokan, Bradley-kan, and the Spirit of 76 (project days ahead)

    Just a quick update. Due to unforseen circumstances, I haven't been able to get the "Spirit of 76" project routed. Undeterred, I had an extra set of bobbin toppers handy to mock up what the guitar will look like when the third pickup gets installed. I still think that this would make the...
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    FS: Seymour Duncan Set CHEAP

    ...c'mon Friday morning, c'mon Friday morning...(pay day) If they last, they will be mine. Cheers, Butch
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    NGD: 97 Joe Perry Les Paul

    Congrats on the new guitar. I have always been a fan of these (even got the Custom shop version that is quite a bit different-including the fact that it doesn't say "Les Paul" anywhere on it---s/n JP133). Anyhow, no one mentioned the stock "faux wah" circuit attached to a push pull pot...
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    2016 Epiphone

    This might be a bit selfish... or fallout from seeing Cheap Trick last night. This has never been in the Epi lineup.
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    Heard a rumour they re making an Epiphone RD

    Marketing-wise, I would not be surprised to see a reissue/Epi version of the RD. The band Ghost (or Ghost BC here in the states) has been getting a fair amount of press and exposure, with a new release and tour. Very striking, sonically and visually, definitely different... The two guitarists...
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    Budokan, Bradley-kan, and the Spirit of 76 (project days ahead)

    I really wanted a smoker, but didn't want to hack into the Budokan or the other Ace models, I found a quality Bradley LP copy. Made a middle pickup out of electric tape and bobbin toppers from, had the smoker guts installed, and we have Bradley-kan. While modding, I...
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    No Pickguard on your Epiphone? Show it off!

    I have a few, Ironically, all signature models including the new (to me) Boneyard.
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    Belated NGD (Pic heavy long winded as usual)

    Congrats, Sir... a guitar well worth any effort to secure. Cheers, Butch
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    Ace build

    My version. With smoker mod added. Pretty simple conversion. If you have questions, please ask. Even have a "before" pic with my 78 3 pickup Custom. Cheers, Butch

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