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    2017 R8... Gap between end of neck and pickup ring.. Deal breaker or not?

    Afternoon, just to throw my two pence in. Below is my earlyish 2017 R8, gap and all, even the gaps between the tenon and body are similar. Hopefully the pictures will save you some disappointment as I had, however I have come to love mine as it sounds and plays immense. The pick up ring gap...
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    Historic Les 'em!

    How does everyone get the really crystal images to load up? Mine seem rather low quality compared to the actual photo?
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    Historic Les 'em!

    2008 R9 (in a 2017 case)
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    Make the case for owning a reissue

    For me, I always fancied a high end les paul, started with a 1999 studio, which I still have and is an absolute monster, no idea what the pickups are but they growl something rotten. Then I got a 2004 tobacco burst classic, again, an awesome guitar. But, I always had the knowledge of custom shop...
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    Historic Les 'em!

    2017 Iced Tea R8
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    Plain tops need love too

    9 posts in and I’m convinced that I need to get some double creams in! Shame the custom buckers aren’t double cream!
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    Plain tops need love too

    My recently acquired 2017 VOS R8. I did have a 2008 VOS R8 in washed cherry but I traded it in for a 2008 R9, I never could get rid of the plain top itch.
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    UK sellers thread

    That is awesome, what’s the neck angle like?
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    2004 ES335 Dot

    Evening all, been offered a nice es335 dot in flamed cherry as part ex for my 2008 R9. However I don’t know much about them, any thoughts on that era? Seems like the model is rather varied with differing iterations over the years, are they custom shop instruments? Thanks.
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    NGD 2017 Custom Shop Les Paul Standard Plain top (58 HR)

    Just in another note, anyone ever seen toting like this before for the switch cavity?
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    UK couriers

    Noted! Bad experience?
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    UK couriers

    Hi Merkin, Thanks for the info. I’m selling a 2008 R9 and want to go through eBay to open up more potential buyers. I have an original Gibson shipping box and will ship the guitar in two consignments, guitar in a black Canada made Gibson case inside the Gibson shipping box and the lifton on a...
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    UK couriers

    Hi all, just wondering who you use to ship your guitars? Is there someone who couriers with insurance etc? thanks!
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    Fretboard Marks

    Thank you!
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    Fretboard Marks

    Brilliant, thanks, I shall give it a go.

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