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    Questionable Reverb listing - but what is it?

    I don’t think ‘95s came with COAs, I don’t remember seeing COAs until ‘99/‘00. So that COA may be a “new” one done later by CS or someone else.
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    Questionable Reverb listing - but what is it?

    I don't think it's a 3 piece top. It's the rings/grains on the toggle side lining up that make it look like there's another seam, but I don't see a clear seam there on other pics of the top. Looks right to me for early - mid '90s Historic, i.e. inlays, fretboard, tenon, plastics, tailpiece...
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    Aged plaintop lemon GAS

    "I have never had one like this, ever! It's a steal and I can make some money if I flip it later!"
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    Are the reissues getting closer to boutique & vintage?

    I’m stuck on ‘99s and ‘00s, I must be a relic…
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    Gibson 70th Anniversary Les Paul

    Fretboard looks very BRW-esque. Is it?
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    R9 2006

    If you plan to use it in a band, then definitely don't need to change anything. Once the bass and the drums kick in, you can't hear anything else anyway. :lol:
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    WTB: Electric City Pickups

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    Rick Nielsen: The Collection on Gibson TV

    That episode is my favorite of The Collection vids thus far. Rick seems so giddy and happy about all the guitars he has handled and owned. He knows what he has. 9 8012 looks (obvious to me) like a '98 reissue. The body shape, top, finish, inlays, IRW board, pickup covers with aging, gap...
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    Are the reissues getting closer to boutique & vintage?

    I'm partial to earlier ones especially '99 and early '00. Love the burst finishes (colors and thinness), neck shape & size, and the woods. Classic '57s not so much, just ok to me. Love how the latest ones from 2016 to now look though & are said to have more accurate specs and the pups &...
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    Which of these tops would most typify an old burst?

    A, C, B in that order.
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    R9 2006

    2006 would have burstbuckers. Some like them, others not so much. They might sound great in that particular guitar, so as others have said, try them first, adjust the heights appropriately to your liking and go from there.
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    Burst Killer

    Having owned and played quite a few '58 to '64 3X5s and '52 to '60 les pauls, I prefer the best of les pauls over the best of 3X5s in terms of feel, play-ability, response, tone, and looks. Others like DG may prefer 3X5s and that is cool. :cool2:
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    NGD 2005 faded Tobacco burst R8

    I love darkbursts.
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    Burst Killer

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