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    Your first Rock Album ??

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    Lee 'Scratch' Perry - another one gone

    Damn. Big fan. RIP
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    Joe B on To Tell the Truth

    I thought he was goina talk about Murphy Lab again..
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    Ding Dong, nice shoes,

    Everything is a weapon.
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    Today.......was a good day.

    Wow good day for sure.:thumb: Should have bought that lotto ticket
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    2017 Tribute or 2018 Classic

    Classic is a step up.
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    Uncle Larry

    Tom rules! He's taught me so much in the last year and a half. :h5:
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    2002 Gibson Les Paul R8 Historic

    She’s a beauty! Congrats & :welcome: .
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    A very special NGD

    Awesome! I've always had a soft spot for that model.:dude:
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    Will Jared James Make the Big Time?

    Can’t watch more than 10 seconds of that wanker. Is he even in a band?
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    The bike thread

    It’s at the junction of the seat and top tube. It’s only a couple years old and top of the line unit. No hard crashes so it’s a bit of a mystery. They will get a new frame and rebuild it under warranty.
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    The bike thread

    Arrrg.. My ultra skookum bike is broke. Washing the dust off I found this beauty crack in my frame. Off for warranty &@$&@. Trek Fuel 9.8. Goina be a while before I get it back.
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    My name is John, and I'm an addict. (Somebody please talk me out of buying an SG. )

    According to my calculations you need to get a 61 reissue.:cool:
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    How do I delete my account?


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