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    Your Dark Horse and Your Lame Duck...

    Dark horse - Orville by Gibson LP Standard. It's brighter sounding than any Les Paul I've owned or played. The neck is in the sweet spot between a '50s and '60s carve, and it is so easy to play. It's light, resonant, and the middle position is instant Jimmy Page. Lame duck - Gibson Firebird T...
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    MLP Phaez Family Tree - Current/Past owners please contribute!

    I know I'm late to the party, but I picked up a Dragonfly about 18 months ago.
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    2011 Gibson Melody Maker Explorer with mods

    Outstanding work! Good luck with the sale.
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    Guilty Pleasures December 2020

    Extra points for the mulleted singer in Jodhpurs and keytar usage Then there is this...
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    New shop cat

    I had one that looked a lot like her - her name was mittens. Cute kitty!
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    Pickup suggestions please

    Somebody already mentioned the SD Whole Lotta Humbucker. That's one of my favorites along with the Jim Wagner Godwood for that sound. You should also check out Vineham pickups - the 60/70s and whiskey sour are good candidates.
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    Who's Using the VIP "Lover" Pickups?

    I nstalled a set in my Greco Super Real last night. I was looking for something completely different from my OBG standard with Godwoods. First impressions are I did indeed achieve something completely different, but it will take some time to really explore what those differences are.
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    FS Charvel San Dimas Pro Mod

    Love it - free bump! :)
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    How is this Beautiful Tokai Still for Sale

    I've owned 10 Gibsons in my life, including a '70s explorer, an '05 SG standard, an '09 Melody Maker, an '06 LP classic, a 2010 SG Junior, a 2017 Firebird T, a 2011 SG Junior, a 2002 ES 333, a 2001 Les Paul Junior Special and a '78 LP Custom. I've also owned an '82 Greco Super Real Standard...
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    Artist who have had great backing!

    John Mellencamp
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    Rival Sons

    Saw them last year in a club - easily the best show I saw in the last couple years.
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    New Focusrite Bundle

    I did the same a couple weeks ago along with a Two Notes Torpedo Captor. Now I'm trying to settle on a DAW...
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    NGD... My first Tokai

    Once you go MIJ you never go back...