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    BB Kings estate is putting his Gibson LUCILLE e 345 protoype up for auction!

    No doubt his family will cash in on it. The original Lucille was rescued from a bar fire that was started with a fight over a woman named Lucille.
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    BB Kings estate is putting his Gibson LUCILLE e 345 protoype up for auction!

    Nah , I dont think the prototype Lucille has the historical significance that Gilmours black strat has. Now if it was THE Lucille , it might enter into the conversation.
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    Need help choosing a Les Paul

    I have a 17 classic that has the 9 hope relief. I’ve had several solid body Lester’s. Mostly traditionals . You couldn’t tell the difference between them in either tone or weight. My Classic is almost 10 lbs.
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    Best clean tone amp for a Les Paul.

    I am a Fender guy through and through . I have had many classic Fender amps and yes hard to beat a Fender for clean . I have a 68 Custom Princeton and a drri. Awesome amps. My cleanest amp right now is my Marshall DSL 40C. i set the green channel for clean , use a TS9 for classic crunch and if...
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    Opinions with Les Paul Classic 2017 T vs Les Paul Classic 2019?

    I’ve had push/pulls on a studio and didn’t find them useful. Last summer I bought a 17 Classic T for cheap at Sam ash. Gave it a poker chip, covered the 57s and put reflectors and pointers on. Aside from the 9 hole relief(BFD) , and a prettier top, there wasn’t enough of a difference to warrant...
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    2018 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Intonation Issues

    Not uncommon for the nut to be an issue on a new Gibson. Very easy to fix. Either widen the nut slots of the offending strings ever so slightly or put some lube in there . Lube will help temporarily , but the long term fix is widening those nut slots.
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    2019 Gibson ES-335 Chris Cornell

    Mostly I agree with you. Im still waiting them to re release the Rusty Anderson 335.
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    Post Your Stratocasters! Here's Mine...

    Here’s another one of mine. It’s an AVRI 59 thin skin . A pre wedding present from my wife of 9 years.
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    NGD 2012 LP Trad +?

    I had a 12 traditional plus and foolishly sold it . Nice size 50s neck , but not huge. Sold it to get a 13 traditional and was sorry I did. Great guitars.
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    Anyone Else Just Fine With Only One Les Paul?

    '][/URL] Yep just one.
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    Damnit Fender, You Got Me

    Not as much as there used to be thats sure. Does the MIM still use the narrower more vintage string spacing? I personally dont care for the standard line of MIA. I think the board feels like a plank tbh.
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    Pre-NGD 2019 Classic - It Has Arrived!

    Very nice. I did much the same. Covers, reflectors and pointers on mine. Also added a poker chip.
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    NGD: Alright, now I understand the whole Strat thing

    Saw the neck off a les paul and use the body for a sinker and youre all set.:cheers2:
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    NGD: Alright, now I understand the whole Strat thing

    Nice Strat. I have a 59 RI 2015 Journeyman relic (I think it was the first year for that finish) and love it. You are correct in saying the relicing is very subtile and only seen at certain angles.
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    Show Off Your Les Paul(s)!

    My only Lester.'][/URL]