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    Need help making a decision - Gibson Exclusive Les Paul Standard 50's vs Gibson SG Standard '61 Maestro Vibrola

    I have blown through a bunch of Lester’s . They never seem to stick around for some reason. I think either choice is good. My preference is the SG. Way better fret access and those 61 pickups are gold imo. Also the SG is really comfortable. It might not have as much sonic range than the LP, but...
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    70% are new (ish) hires at Gibson

    Not terribly surprising . Working in a wood factory in the south where wages are low and working conditions aren’t great probably mostly have a high turnover rate.
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    I can’t make a Fender sound good I guess? Lol

    I have 4 Fenders and 3 Gibson’s. I don’t have a problem switching. Bends took me a bit of practice , but eventually I got it . I have radius from 7.25 to 16 with my Martins. What throws me off is nut width .
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    Bought a custom shop 59 reissue , do you think the 3,700 bucks extra is worth it ?

    It’s either worth it to you or not. Everyone has different values , so you’ll get a variety of answers. I do have to ask though, you seem to prefer custom shop guitars . Why is this one different than say your Murphy Lab Gibson? That had to be in the ballpark. Maybe you just got the runt of the...
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    NGD - SG!

    Congrats. Love my SG .
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    some marshall dsl 40c love

    I’ve got a dsl 40c with the stock 70/80 still. Mine is well broken in and sounds fine. I mostly run the classic channel and goose the front end with a TS 9 . I usually run the gain at 4 and volume at 9 for humbucker. I put the treble at 3 mids at 6 and bass at 3. For Strats I run the gain at 9...
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    NGD 2021 Gibson 61 SG Standard

    Welcome to the club. That’s a great looking SG you have there. They are awesome guitars.
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    Light weight 50's Standard?

    The 50s Standards I’ve seen have all been around 10 lbs . Historical I’ve seen are rarely above 9 lbs. Ive not heard anyone complain about the tone on the Historics , so does heavier mean better tone? I dunno. YMMV.
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    New Gibson - QC issues?

    The dent in the inlay would bother me the most… well other than the price I paid for a guitar with flaws. It’s up to you. Are you being too picky? You’re the customer . It’s your money . If it were me I’d return it unless unicorns flew out of it when I played. A good Les Paul can be had all day...
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    So this is the new Gibson, sure looks like the old Gibson to me!

    I’ve had good and bad. My 2016 Memphis 335 is flawless. Best ive ever seen. Same with my 2020 SG 61 Standard . My 20 Tribute LP was Shyte though. Needed extensive fretwork and nut work . Wouldn’t stay in tune and unfinished fret ends. I think things have improved and stayed the same at the same...
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    Should I be Worried ?! - Neck Binding Lacquer Crack LES PAUL 2021 STANDARD

    Totally unacceptable for a 2k+ guitar.
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    NGD (Gibson SG Standard '61... Should I Buy OR Should I Pass?)

    I’ve got one and love the 61 s. Nice and versatile. Plenty of bite without being harsh.
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    What's the deal with LP weight?

    They have the circuit board so I’ll have to remove the quick connect ends on the pickups. Ill just save the pcb when I’m done. I’d doubt I would get anything for it .
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    What's the deal with LP weight?

    The Tributes comes with 300k and when I first got it , I couldn’t believe how dark sounding it was . For the time being I just run the tone pot on 10 . It helps , but swapping the electronics is on my to do list . A couple of ppl I know did that to their Tributes and said it came to life.

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