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    Gibson Les Paul Standard - Should I Send Back Again?

    Yeah I would send it back. without hesitation.
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    Guitar Center Financing

    Ive financed through GC just a few months ago with no issues. Same for SW.
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    Do You Humidify Your Electrics

    They are in the same space as my acoustics , so they are humidified/dehumidified too. I believe they receive the benefit of stable environment as well.
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    2019 LP Standard 50s - Quality Issues or Just Me?

    Ive had those flaws on several guitars Ive owned. I have also sent several back. I have a 335 and had several LPs WITHOUT those issues , so I know first hand it is possible to get a Gibson without those issues with the binding . Those pics are an example of bad workmanship. I would send it back...
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    Does lack of binding bother you?

    I have been playing strats and acoustics forever. The binding doesn’t really seem to be a factor other than looks imo. My favorite acoustic is a Martin D35 which does have a bound neck , but that isn’t why it’s my favorite .
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    Does lack of binding bother you?

    I have had some nice Gibsons. Ive had a Classic , 2 Traditonals , 4 335s, a studio deluxe and now a Tribute. I love the Tribute in honeyburst. It has most of the specs of a proper lester with the exception of a thick gloss finish , hog neck(its maple), 500k pots and of course binding along the...
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    What version of 335 is this?

    The fake kind.
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    Favorite Year LP Classic & Why?

    This ! They got the specs right on this one . Sounds as good as any traditional Ive had too. Love the Goldtop.
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    Purpose of the tribute model line?

    I have a 19 Tribute in honeyburst.. The maple neck is a non issue to me. Satin finish is cost saving feature. It feels and sounds like a real Les Paul, which it is.
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    Those of You Who Think That Epiphones is Almost as Good as Gibsons

    Ive had both in the Epi Dot version(actually have had 3) and a couple of Epi LPS. Had several Gibson 335s and about 6 Gibson LPs. Build quality and fret work isnt even close , even on the lower end Gibsons and electronics arent is the same ballpark either. With a lot of work you can make an Epi...
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    Show your Les Paul Studio, Tribute, Special, ...

    2019 Tribute in Honeyburst.
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    Les Paul Tribute - Refinished

    I just picked up one of those in honeyburst and was thinking of doing that very thing . A great guitar for the money IMO. I was looking for a lightweight LP and this one is perfect. Great job in explaining what you did. It looks great. Congrats.
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    2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s - neck/binding update

    Looks good . Gibson should include a set of files along with every guitar they sell. Ive had more raggedy looking bindings than anything else.
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    Midtown custom?

    I bought one in 2012 . Great guitar . Stellar build, great tones . Unfortunately for me it had a pencil thin neck I just couldnt bond with, but that guitar rocks.
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    BB Kings estate is putting his Gibson LUCILLE e 345 protoype up for auction!

    No doubt his family will cash in on it. The original Lucille was rescued from a bar fire that was started with a fight over a woman named Lucille.

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