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    What is your next target? (guitars only)

    I was jonesing for a Jackson Dinky Pro, but I had to do some work on my Neon Pink Charvel San Dimas. I play it so much, and it needed strings and some bits got loose, and I had some parts to toss on it and the fret edges were sticking out a bit. So, I installed a Floyd Rose brass trem claw, a...
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    "Darth Paul", my customized PRS S2 Standard 22

    Holy Moly! :wow: That's a nice transformation. And I second what @Torren61 said.
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    Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas style 2 HH HT

    I can't answer to the point of the Style 2 model, but I have a Style 1 (Strat) San Dimas with the same pick up configuration with a Floyd Rose. In short, I freakin' LOOOOOOOOOOVE it! It's got a great sound and the Six Pack of Sound is so versatile. I have an alder body on mine, and the neck...
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    EVH/Fender Wolfgang Standard and Special Models

    I was wondering that myself. There are some good deals out there now, and I do like the Matte Blue Frost or whatever. On the specials, the natural looks great, but the Ivory is sweet AF also.
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    Hardtail Stratocaster

    Congrats on the new hard tail! I'm a fan of the 90s Strats, as I have a 1995. Yours probably still has a swimming pool route, which I like and my body is poplar, you might have alder. Fender made some changes in 2000 when they launched the American Series. Either way, it's awesome. And I'm...
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    Cupcake? Heresy? Pony? 4 stacks of plexi?

    @Pop1655 , that looks like one heck of a spread there. I just got back from Papa Cristos here in LA (Best Greek restaurant ever), and I had a lamb and beef gyro with some baclava for dessert and it was amazing. Here's a linkeepoo for some hot menu porn Papa Cristos menu If anyone is ever in...
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    Should Reviewers Accept Gifts?

    I see these YouTube guys with a glut of guitars on the walls and they rave about the new ________ they just got, but you never usually see the guitar again, or if you do, maybe just once or twice. Then it disappears. I know some get sold or given away to Patreon subscribers, but you really...
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    Words and phrases that make you question a person's intelligence.

    And that Josh guy from JHS Pedals and his unintelligible jibber jabber on the faceplate of his amp. Indeed...
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    I let her manscape me

    Now we need a version that has "cowboy gay butt sex" and I think we'll be all set...
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    FS: ZT Amps Lunchbox

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    I let her manscape me

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    Words and phrases that make you question a person's intelligence.

    How about "I gots to axe you sumpin'" I hear that in LA all the time. Sigh.....
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    MLP done dirty and declared DEAD!!

    That is so very true, unfortunately.
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    MLP done dirty and declared DEAD!!

    On his video yesterday, he got a big package from StewMac showing off all his tools. What I thought was funny is how he said he should drive up there and show him how to use them. He got them for free. I'm kinda glad for him, but............ I hope he uploads all his screw ups. Now that's...
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    FS: ZT Amps Lunchbox