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    Your favourite used dealer?

    Marks Guitar Loft, hands down the best. Dave’s also has some great used guitars come through.
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    FS: Vaschenko Singlecut Replica

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    NVGD - '58 Les Paul Jr.

    So glad that Don Ray is in good hands. Enjoy it and continue to play it in good health!
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    A shot of Bourbon for your weekend...2020 R9

    Thanks for all the kind words
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    A shot of Bourbon for your weekend...2020 R9

    All custom shop les Paul’s are Indian rosewood unless otherwise spec’d as bolivian or Brazilian
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    A shot of Bourbon for your weekend...2020 R9

    thanks Matt I believe it’s 8lb 3oz with the medallion on it!
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    A shot of Bourbon for your weekend...2020 R9

    Just got this from Mark's Guitar Loft! It's such an incredible guitar in every way. Playability is off the charts from Mark's setup as well as the tone! Clear and articulate but still has muscle and body to the tone. Oh it's also pretty nice to look at. Special mention to the fretboard on this...
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    CC#16 Historic Makeover by Jaeger Guitars

    Charlie Daughtry took a lot of good photos of RedEye
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    What have I got?

    The inlays might help determine 2000 vs 2010
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    Murphy News

    So they finally figured out the lacquer formula that will weather check? Good job are only about 10years behind the times. I respect and love Tom but I see this as probably another way to hike up prices as a new feature. Side rant, Caesar bugs the crap out of me. Does anybody else...
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    Cc#37 Carmelita or JB Goldtop Aged?

    Carmelita as it will have newer more historically accurate specs. Including a nice neck profile...also some of the aging on that gold top series was crappy.
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    FS: 2005 Korina Hamer Standard

    Vintage Korina Finish, White African Mahogany Body and Neck, Seymour Duncan '59 and JB Pickups Rosewood Fingerboard with Dot Inlays. Guitar is absolutely clean as can be, virtually no play wear. Certificate and OHSC included. NO TRADES. I'm trying to fund a diff guitar. $3300 shipped and...
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    NGD: 2019 60th Anniversary Slow Iced Tea Fade

    Love that color. Nice one!

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