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    Les Paul R8 values

    Welcome to the forum. I think the guys are leading you in the right direction at $2,500-$2,800 US. Especially a plain top. Good luck. I am sure your 04 is nice. I sold them in that era and most were very nice. But if you get a R8 you will be glad you did. Plain tops are great! One of the best...
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    2017 R8... Gap between end of neck and pickup ring.. Deal breaker or not?

    If you read my quote properly I said I never “understood“ why people care. Unless you’re flipping and want most for your dollar. I wasn’t putting anyone down. it doesn’t make sense to ME. Would you REALLY pass on a great guitar because of a gap? Not me. But to each his own. Play it and enjoy it
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    2017 R8... Gap between end of neck and pickup ring.. Deal breaker or not?

    If it sounds great who freaking cares!? Most people buy guitars to play, some collect. If it speaks to you that gap doesn’t effect the tone good or bad. If you want a pristine example to eventually flip well that’s your decision. I’ve never fully understood why cosmetic things ie: knobs/ inlays/...
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    SOLD! ~ 2017 Gibson R9 Historic Makeovers

    This looks identical to my old Makeover. One of the best guitars I ever had. Only sold to fund my 1952 Goldtop. I miss it though
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    Looking for good shop for setups in Philly area

    If Lemoyne Pa is too far for you ( probably in the hour hour and half drive range) BCR Music. Greg is great. I have known him 26 years and he has done all my work. In fact he just set up my new R9 yesterday. Worth the trip
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    Can't wait to get her back from Greg at BCR...

    I was just speaking with Greg yesterday about these pickups. I have been friends with Greg for 26 years and very few times have I seen him as excited about pickups as these. You’re in good hands
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    What‘s the latest news on the Eric Clapton Beano Burst having been found?

    Sorry I just replied with this question before scrolling down
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    What‘s the latest news on the Eric Clapton Beano Burst having been found?

    Hope you and your family are well going through all this craziness, Is it true that he (Bloomfield) left the guitar at a club and the owner refused to give it back? Don't know much about Bloomfield as I never really listened to him very heavily.
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    Curious- gig with your Historic??

    I met and have chatted with you for many years now on this forum and your R6 still makes me drool over the many over the top R9 and R0's, I remember we spoke about this guitar when you were thinking about buying it, So glad you kept it. So may of mine are somewhere else now!
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    1952 Goldtop Value

    Very nice!! PAF's or boutique winder?
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    1952 Goldtop Value

    $1,265!!!! Even in 98 thats dirt cheap. My friend bought a mint and I mean mint one in about 04 for $5,000. Great deal you got there sir. Why convert to PAF's? Just curious as the P-90's in mine absolutely ROAR. The only change I am REALLY considering is re-fret. Mine has a headstock repair so...
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    1952 Goldtop Value

    Mine has a soft V neck. My friend had two 52's and on 53 when he sold mine to me. None had a bat neck. I dont mind a bat neck but i have played 5 52's and all had similar V shape. Guess they could change from guitar to guitar though.
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    1975 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Basalt Blue

    This is the Deluxe I always wanted. Great guitar
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    1952 Goldtop at CME

    My 52 is VERY AGRESSIVE. Once again I agree there is something special about the early ones. I have played everything from blues, classic rock, funk and even Metallica on this guitar live. I roll the volume back slightly especially in older rooms with old wiring. This takes the hum out fairly...
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    NGD - LP Special

    Keep on rockin it baby

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