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    First impressions: 2019 Les Paul Standard 50s

    i bought the first one i'ved played and like some here, just went to the store to buy some strings. after 18 years, finally found "the one". easily the best sounding LP i have ever own/owned which includes 2 Historic R8s( '06 aand a '14) and about 12 or so USAs(Customs, Standards, Trads and...
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    Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2018 Accidental AAA Flame Top

    if thats an AAA mine would be AAAA :rofl: its also a 2018 Trad by the way with some mods(pups, plastics and aged hardware)
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    Recommendation for confortable guitar strap

    as much as i like the look of leather straps, they are heavy and actually adds to the weight; specially the wide, thick multi-layered ones. for overall comfort on heavy guitars, i prefer the wide fabric straps.
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    Gibson using ABR-1 conversion posts now??

    they're talking about trads
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    Gibson using ABR-1 conversion posts now??

    the 2019 Trads still have the nashville bushings.
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    Gibson using ABR-1 conversion posts now??

    most likely because it's easier to install. and also probably because of the abr posts' tendency to lean specially USA models generally have steeper neck angles making the bridge higher.
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    New Schaller S-Locks experiences

    i installed the new Schaller S-locks on my 2018 Trad and didn't need any toothpicks or doweling. the new schaller screws(/buttons) is the same (or at least looks the same to me) as the bottom screw on the Gibson. installing the top one is a little bit tighter as the gibson top button screw is...
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    Dating my old Gibson pots plate. Please help

    as mentioned those are part numbers not date code on the OP. gibson pots info article:
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    Dating my old Gibson pots plate. Please help

    my 2018 Traditional still has the plate. most likely the new 2019 Trads has it too.
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    Les Paul 2014 Standard Plus or Traditional 2018

    the "Standard" model name is traditional.
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    Anyone seen this before?

    most Gibson USA LPs with binding still had the wider binding at the cutaway way after the Norlin era. USA LP Standards had those until 2001.

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