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    No fireplace? No problemo.

    I'm a big fan of the fireplace channels too. Glad to see that i'm not the only one out there. The ones with the extra cracking wood and the storm sounds in the backround are my favourite.
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    Your hot cocoa recipe?

    I like mine with Irish Whiskey. Not fussy about the chocolate part but i prefer dark. No water. 3.25 % milk or 10% cream.
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    Need help finding an MIJ custom

    What kind of coin are you willling to drop and what part of the world are you from ?? I'd say there is a MIJ Custom for every budget. Of course specs command price especiallly new. Vintage is a whole different game.
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    Austin as6

    I dont myself but if you have enough experience to do a good setup for him I'd say go with him to check it out to see if it's more trouble than it's worth. If the frets are pooched or it has a twisted neck etc. It ain't worth a damn.
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    1979 Greco EG600PR?

    The serial says its from January of '79. It looks in great shape from the pics. I see a multipiece maple ? neck so i would think it would be a pancake body construction style. People with more knowledge of these years will know for sure. Congrats !!
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    First guitar purchase from Sweetwater... probably the last

    This is what you get for not playing authentic.
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    Your favorite torch song.

    Most country songs ... I'd say Patsy Cline was up there with more songs than you could shake a stick at. Bill Withers had a good one too.
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    "MIJ" Bargain of the day!

    If i don't win and get my refund i lose about $20. Of course everyone takes a piece, Paypal, Visa, my bank.... I'm in Canada though, there is a service charge for almost everything. I've even been stupid enough to do it more than once lol.
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    Edwards NLPD

    Be careful, the MIJ are addictive. Congrats !!! Happy New Gear Day !!
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    The Other Single-Cuts Classifieds (read the rules before posting)

    That is a fine looking specimen. So what is the difference between a single cut 77 Stork and a 77 single cut Albatross ?? Storks are fulll hollow and Albatross' are semi-hollows ? GLWYS
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    Another Bitch About The Weather Thread

    Haha its actually a colour pic. Its 3:20 PM now. It will be all black in another hour or so. FAH LA FRICKEN DAH.
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    Another Bitch About The Weather Thread

    I'm looking at a backyard of snow right now. Forsaken.
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    RIP, DarrellV

    Always especially sad when a forum brother/sister passes. He will be missed. R.I.P.
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    Floridian Jeopardy

    Gay Peeping tom with a side order of meth ??

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