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    Behringer Pedals

    There is no such thing as 'plastic soilder'. They are soldered to the board like every other pedal and then i would assume reinforced with glue. Although looking at online screenshots, they are not glued. Its probably a bit of flux paste left on the board. Behringer screw the boards in place...
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    1980 Texas Instruments RC4558P vs current TI-RC4558P

    There is no old or new chips. They have never stopped making them. They are exactly the same.
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    Pedal Trade!

    Hi, you still after hum buckers? i have a bridge SD JB hum bucker (zebra) if that is of any use?
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    Waist-High Adjustable Pedal Board

    i think the OP just needs a table
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    What's more versatile than a Proco RAT?

    Good choice. I have been through an unholy amount of pedals in the last 3 years but the Poly is the one that has lasted the longest
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    What's more versatile than a Proco RAT?

    Pigtronix Polysaturator
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    Pedal Trade!

    I have a Pigtronix FAT drive and a Roger Linn Adrennalin 2
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    Ibanez OD850 Overdrive

    I have the mini version - yeah its a big muff with a more focussed tone control as K said. There are some overdrive sounds in there at lower gain.
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    Pitch shifter pedal vs. real detuning

    Have you thought about getting a Variax guitar?
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    Pedal Acquisition Syndrome PAS group

    If you own an H9, this should be of interest.......i just ordered one.
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    A/B/Y Pedals / Boxes... Difference?

    well, quite. Although he might have an amp with two separate inputs. So an ABY would be able to switch one guitar line to between the two amp inputs Passive would be fine for this usage, any thing else would be overkilllllllllll
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    Any love for Lovepedals?

    it was ok - i found it literally had one sound in it - the range on the dial was odd. That said, that one sound was pretty good. Personally i would stick with your JRAD
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    A/B/Y Pedals / Boxes... Difference?

    If all you are doing is channel switching you won't need any features and passive will be just fine.
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    Any love for Lovepedals?

    Had a few Kalamazoo - nice pedal, quite thick so i tended to use it on the bridge pickup where it excelled 200lb fuzz - fat silicon fuzz JTM - basically RHCP in a box - one knob, very simple Butterfly Chorus - quite rare, tweakable CE2 style Les Luis - this was a clone i built. Very simple...
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    Intelligent guitar Harmonizer

    Yeah i know the difference. Whammy pedals allow you to mix the original note with a pitch shifted one so it can harmonise to a degree. Sure it won't do the scale matching, or let you mix two different notes with the original but it allows you play two different notes at once. The ricochet only...

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