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    possibly considering making the jump to real PAFs. what can i expect to have to pay..

    I did some work on a Sid Poole replica guitar that had real PAF's installed after the guy had bought it and I was really, really disappointed in the sound. The guitar was superbly built and played well but the pickups were weak, sterile and everything I didn't expect from PAF pickups. My...
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    "Good" replicas

    It's ok to have a replica that's a fabulous clone of the real thing but it has to be a great instrument and have soul too...........otherwise it's an ornament.
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    What's the real story... expensive amps

    Exactly!!! :thumb: That's how I feel about Matamp......they "modify" their circuits but I sometimes just step back and stick with what I have! :)
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    Gibson fails AGAIN. Jesus.

    Schons current tone sucks........big time! He was big ( ok..vertically challenged) in Journey but right now he is nobody without Journey. Plug in to a Line 6 has all the thin sound you crave........I couldn't give a fig what you use..............
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    Your really got me

    Back in the day there was no electronic tuners...they tuned to a piano or any other reference point and MOSTLY to each other! They may have been in tune but not at concert pitch! You will find that with a lot of 60's bands!!
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    Shed Paf Daddies and update.......

    Firstly......for those of you waiting for your Shed pickups I know he is under pressure trying to keep up with demand. He has a day job and has limited time to make pickups....that coupled with a house move and having to actually build a new workshop from scratch has left him under pressure...
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    Getting a Joes Bonamassa tone from a Hot Rod Deluxe

    I actually don't hear him as having a lot of's more sweet sounding to me and for me to get it I find that sweetness comes from backing the tone control off to 5-6 on the bridge pickup. With low powered Paf type pickups they seem to react better to the tone control and I know from...
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    Spotify - new streaming music service.

    I don't is lumped under "digital downloads" .... I don't know the breakdown only the total amount.
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    Spotify - new streaming music service.

    Actually they do pay the artists.......I receive royalties for every download of my albums or tracks from my record company and Spotify is one of the companies they collect from. How they do it I don't know but it does happen..........:)
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    Spotify - new streaming music service.

    Spotify is great! :thumb: When someone on a forum mentions a great band I haven't heard of I Spotify them and if I like a track it goes in to my!:)
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    It must just be me but I lusted after a LP Eternity and when I got it I found it very bland. I worked at it all day trying to hit that magic spot but was left underwhelmed.....I returned it the next day.
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    Speaker choice

    Dave........Matamps sound great with the Celestion Hot 100! It's a very cheap speaker but really suits a Matamp in it's voicing. I have Matamp cabs with Alnico Blues, Celestion Century vintage (my favourites) and Hot 100's which are very close. Vintage 30's seem a bit muddy with...
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    Slimming down my Les Paul... long-ish term project

    Well done mate!:thumb: It takes a lot of courage to do a project like this when you aren't a qualified luthier but a happy amateur...........good will be fine! I did wonder about the black finish when I saw HCSB in the cavity!!:D
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    Mullard ECC83 Identification - Help Please!

    Yes both are genuine........great valves!! I won't use anything else in my amps, they just sound so great! Enjoy!!:thumb:
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    No.........Brian Carter.......or more likely........that f**king Brian Carter!!:D I made their life hell until they got the 1224 spot on as far as functionality!!:D But they love me really................!! :fingersx:

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