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    Guitar "Bonding" is Real

    But, it is an EPIPHONE..........2nd rate, gets no respect...IMHO
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    Guitar "Bonding" is Real

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    Les Pauls Hide a good way !!!....Do you agree

    Scale length and fretboard material are the keys for me.....I play better with a Gibson scale and a rosewood 'board. A Fender scale and a maple 'board are considerably more work !
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    EASY QUESTION - What's a good pickup for a Les Paul?

    Hands best sounding Les Paul has a very old JB in the bridge and a Shaw in the neck...FWIW
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    Best poker chip - ever.

    Mine says "Moan" "Scream" hard to see in this pic.......
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    Murphy's law

    Yep...mine are all used , but not abused!
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    George Lynch Playing A Couple Gibson Les Pauls

    Have had the pleasure of seeing him 3 times! Amazing player and a very nice man, as well. You are correct, he's known for those "Tiger" ESP's.....but he could pick up a broom stick and wail !
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    I can’t make a Fender sound good I guess? Lol

    Scale length, in a nut shell. After 40+ years of playing, I still have the same issue! Gibson scale length is effortless...Fender scale takes WORK...IMHO
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    Reasons you DO NOT use pedals

    Been known to go either way...depends really on the 90's rig was a Boogie Mk-II B and a crybaby...cover band stuff in the 80's, I had to have channel switching and, at the very least, a chorus pedal. A good amp was paramount. Times have changed, I have been doing a lot of gigs without...
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    yeah, I play ANY guitar and Chairman starts "smiling". he comes by it honestly...check out his sister, Stumpy...
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    Chairman Meow digs guitars!
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    Because why not

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    SD Seth Lovers vs Gibson 57s ??

    wow! these sets sound VERY similar. I have 2 Les Pauls with '57 Classic/Classic+ sets. The Seth's seem to have a bit more my ears anyway...FWIW
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    What movie has the best soundtrack?

    While I didn't care much for the movie ( don't like Tom Hanks ), Forrest Gump had an excellent soundtrack....FWIW

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