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    Today I learned what “dogging” means...

    This thread is the dogs bollocks....
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    More Muff Needed?

    I was doing that last night. Then I closed the pornhub browser window...
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    What kind of mask are you rocking?

    The have banana phones, why not masks?
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    Kalamazoo factory auction

    Eric...3rd row, last pic. My guess is form for an archtop by the shape. You wouldn't happen to know if it's 16 or 17 inch lower bout would you? Idly wondering if my '48 might have been born in that...
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    What is an R7 LP?

    I posted those from work, so I was in full helpdesk mode. Sorry..... :laugh2::laugh2:
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    Guitar Center wait to get in.

    I call 'em Guitar Denter. And I had a similar experience at the local one recently. When I got in (finally), there was like two customers in the entire store, and twice that working. There's more than that in the hardware aisle at Home Depot for criminy's sake.
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    Um, Heck I don't know what to say about this. Just watch it

    I've actually done that at karaoke a number of times. It blows minds.
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    What is an R7 LP?

    You're welcome.
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    What is an R7 LP?

    Reissue. The number denotes the year it represents. So and R7 is a reissue of a 1957. 8 is '58, 9 is 59, 6 is 56, etc...
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    your significant other (wife,girlfriend,husband,boyfriend ect)

    Newly single. Looking into just this thing over the last few days. Hard to get out and meet anyone with the things going on right now in the world...
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    jokes & funnies.

    Woulda flat out killed if at the end it turned into one of those dash cam crash videos.....
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    Washington NFL Franchise New Name Suggestions

    Washington Foreskins 'Cause it's a dick move to change it....
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    Is there something not right about this one?

    Better track record than oakislandcrew..... :hmm:
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    Oregon Has Florida Beat

    I'd stand her on her head and lick her like an ice cream cone.

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