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    It's Pi day!

    It's not that we don't care....we just don't wanna see you doing it. :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:
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    It's Pi day!

    Went to Blaze Pizza for lunch (a block from my work in Boston). Had a special going today for Pi Day. Any pizza, $3.14. Had to install their app on my phone for a code needed at the register, but only had to put in an email addy to sign up, no CC info needed. And I'll be uninstalling the app...
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    Face Nirvana

    This stuff is the nectar of the Gods. Wish it was easier to find sometimes.... Never heard of her....but I would bang that like a screen door in a hurricane.... :naughty:
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    OK... im done buying gear for a while. I think I mean it this time.

    I've been mulling over parting ways with most of my guitars and amps, and getting one really nice guitar. Thinking an L-7 from around 1940-1946. Something I can use as an acoustic, and hang an old Rhythm Chief off the fingerboard extension for if I want to plug in. Keep one electric, for...
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    Peter Frampton Announces Farewell Tour

    He doesn't seem the type to have multiple "farewell" tours (unlike some out there that have....). I can see a random show here and there perhaps, but not a full on tour.
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    Gibson wiring

    My biggest issue when I started out was I cheaped out on the soldering iron. Get a good one. 35-40W. There's a bunch of good how-to vids on YT once you have a good iron.
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    Gibson wiring

    How/where do you think they connected it before Gibson used control plates?
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    Please Delete - Mods let it ride...

    Being in Boston, that has a whole other
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    Peter Frampton Announces Farewell Tour

    Just got mine. W00t!!!
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    1958 Gibson Electric Guitars and Amplifiers Catalog

    I know that a '58 Lester is worth more today, but I'd still like the Super 400 CESN on the cover page....
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    'Moment of reckoning': US cities burn recyclables after China bans imports

    Mine too! Hey..wait a minute.... :laugh2::laugh2:
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    RIP Peter Tork

    I got to see Mickey and Peter about three years ago in RI. Great show. I've always wanted to see Mike, as he was the reason 40 years ago I wanted to play guitar. I am now incredibly glad I have tickets to see Mickey and Mike here in MA in 10 days. I can only imagine it's going to be an...
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    90's LP Studios - gigbag or brown case?

    When I got my '92 used about 6 years ago, it was in the Gibson gig bag. Doesn't mean it came that way new, of course....
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    Please Delete - Mods let it ride...

    Aww hellz no. I say this becomes Funnies III. :dude::dude: