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    What first started the need for a guitar in your life?

    I pretty much grew up with music listening to Waylon & Willie, Jonny Cash Roy Clark & Buck Owen's, while riding in the car with my parents. I listened to stuff like Frampton, ELO, Aerosmith & Atlanta rythm section on the radio as a kid in the 70's. During the early to mid 80's, nobody I knew...
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    Ever had headstock break from a hanger?

    It's physically impossible for a wall hanger to cause stress to, or break a guitar neck. Think about it. Strings cause compression - they're trying to pull the headstock "towards" the body. With the guitar hanging by the neck, the weight of the body is pulling "away" from the heastock. It can't...
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    NGD! The rare Lindt Nestle signature model

    I'll bet that plays like butter(finger)!

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