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    Jimmy Page ... History of his Guitars !!!

    I believe that was indeed Jerry’s guitar. It was sort of randomly placed next to SRV’s Strat and behind #1 so it didn’t get a ton of attention but it was still cool to see.
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    Jimmy Page ... History of his Guitars !!!

    I know there are a few threads about this exhibit but figured I’d post my shots here... What can I say except that it was of course an incredible experience to see them in real life, certainly something I never thought I’d do. The black Custom was tucked away on a wall but #1 was right smack in...
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    What's on YOUR workbench right now?

    Much appreciated, I’m a total woodworking noob so that means a lot! Along the lines of Chris’ thread this is a really supportive community and I’ve learned all I have from here so enjoy sharing my humble contributions among the great builders on board here.
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    jokes & funnies.

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    Page's Number One, Up Close

    Very fair point, and interesting to think what if it hadn't been stolen if all of us dorks would be lusting over a Black Beauty instead, but he owned them both at the same time so he cared enough to fuel GAS just like us noobs
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    What's on YOUR workbench right now?

    Did some top and underside carving this past weekend...
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    jokes & funnies.

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    Wtb:Gibson es 137

    Not sure where you’re located but there’s one on my local CL:
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    Advice on Overarm/Pin Router Project

    Hi all, thought I'd pick the brains of the smart folks at the Luthiers Corner on my weekend project. I have been wanting an overarm pin router but hobby level ones seem to be difficult to find and then I realized I have this nice binding jig that I figured I could add the pin function to and add...
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    What's on YOUR workbench right now?

    **50 Shades of Les Warning** I'm getting ready for some three-way binding action:eek: Slowly making progress (as always) on my LP builds, got the solid mahogany, the chambered mahogany, and the korina bodies ready for binding. The mahogany will get the nice Bartlett stuff and the korina will...
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    jokes & funnies.

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    probably killed my car

    Good luck and hope this sorts it! Put a little Vaseline on the injector o rings before you install so they go in easily and don’t get caught on anything.
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    Get your Beatles on - The Dr. Robert pedal

    Check out the 7 Series Overdrive (previously Lemon Drop) from Lumpy's Tone Shop, known more as a "Led Zeppelin II" pedal but its supposedly the same Vox amp as used on Revolver:
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    jokes & funnies.