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    Flat Top Frets on My New Les Paul?

    All this, I have same issues on a guitar that cost me over 6k in dollars, it’s not acceptable, but it is what it is. I had a 200 dollars Korean made sx copy that was as playable as any Gibson les Paul I have owned, it wasn’t as expressive though it didn’t have that mid range vocal/vowel like...
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    Greeny pickup test pt.1

    Funny I did just that in reverse of the intended outcome, swapped the whole pickup round put strings on and went DOH! In terms of them there springs, alligator clips, boom! job done. You maybe right about the Jerry rigged approach, they were just the tools of their trade back then, it is us lot...
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    Locking Grovers.

    Fair play buddy, I would do same lol, just need a sick bag nearby, lol. In terms of aesthetics I love me those vintage milk bottles. Gotta have pat pending USA stamped on them though.
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    Flat Top Frets on My New Les Paul?

    I just took some pics that illustrate that very thing, an R8, R9, R0 the 2020 R0 to my eyes does not looks as well dressed as the 2013 R9. The R0 is the one without strings.
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    Humidity gauges - quick review of two I just purchased

    I still use the old school cigar humidor ones, easy to recalibrate with saline solution. Work for me.
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    Chicken Teddy Bears - Honestly, I don't know why I never thought of this myself

    Once the kids have finished playing with it:rofl:
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    Locking Grovers.

    I got the kluson revolutions, yeah string changes were quicker, but so what? I hated the look of them. That wheel, every time I saw it I wanted to vom. Gone back to the original ones.
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    I'm in love with an import Marshall

    Just a origin 5 here, now in a head box as the combo was just awful, cheap low density particle board, awful 8in speaker. Played through a couple of 10’s or even 12’s it’s merely acceptable, good news for me is the new caps and resistors have arrived. Right back at cha, I am starting to love...
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    Scale length

    I wonder if this is what some people refer to as when they ‘it’s all in the fingers’ as in some players can naturally without conscious effort, fret and correct those small variances in tuning accuracy? I remember learning the opening riff for SCoM and whist I could play it, at tempo, in time...
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    Scale length

    I was reading a guitar techs web page and he made a statement that Gibson Les pauls have different scale lengths before and after the 12th fret, never ever read or heard that anywhere before. Couldn’t be arsed to measure and check mine.
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    lacquer advice please

    Make them come to me is normally what I do, I really don’t know what I was thinking with this whole bizarre situation. I have filed it under lesson learnt. in reply to karawak, it this instance I did get to speak to someone ‘intelligent’ at eBay, mainly because of the value, they have a dept...
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    "I Quit Smoking" - The 2021 edition.

    I quit cigarettes 25 years ago, one of best decisions I took. Although I have now discovered not entirely of the hook as ex smokers have a risk of copd in later life. I do partake of the odd Siglo VI on occasion. Normally when on holiday in Europe as duty is way lower than U.K. they are £40 a...
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    Junior-like kit build

    I tried to build a guitar, but I got high. Not a good solvents in an enclosed space, I did once, ended up in A&E with serious arrhythmia. Scary, be careful please.
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    Very sad NGD - 65? Gibson L5

    Sorry for your loss, it’s been cherished and cared for, it’s leagues above players grade, even though been played for years, it’s how I imagine any of mine will be in 20 or 30 years time.
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    The Wagon Cometh for me..

    I have been 6 months without alcohol, we have a great brewery in the U.K. called brewdog, they make two really great zero percenters, punk AF and nanny state, both have zero compromises in taste. Me? I was drinking wrong, to get drunk, not just a couple to chill with. So sacked it off. Will miss...

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