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    SOLD: 1974 Gibson SG Standard

    That is a sweeter beater! What a great axe, man!
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    Sticky Neck Finishes

    I am a guitar finisher. I use modern clear lacquer formulations, and I don't have a problem. As some have observed here, some Gibby necks seem "softer" than others. And sticky. WTF??
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    Sticky Neck Finishes

    Why do some Gibson necks build up sticky crud when you play them, and some don't? Paint formulation? Plasticizers? No plasticizers? Bad day at the office?
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    2020 Les Paul Classic with Pearly Gates

    Beautiful plain top. It looks like a vintage Les Paul.
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    Why do people say or act like Gibsons are overpriced ??

    I think this guy Pablo got screwed. Henry must have skimped on the dental insurance....
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    Gibson Les Paul Slash Standard-Appetite Amber Burst- SOLD!

    But if you want a good deal, this is the place.
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    Gibson Les Paul Slash Standard-Appetite Amber Burst- SOLD!

    This is a fact. You want to sell at a profit, you have to go to the big sites and wait a while.
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    FT: 1957 Gibson Les Paul Standard - PAF's - 100% Original

    I'm kinda surprised Joe hasn't snagged it! Does he know it's out there?
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    What amp do you recommend for a Les Paul?

    There is a Fender 40-watter out there that nobody pays any attention to. Its the Fender Blues Deluxe. Tweed cab, single 12" Eminence speaker. Glorious tone and punch, and you can buy them all day used for $500 or even less...
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    My SGs

    I just sold a used set on Reverb for $240, which is a fair price. So they are expensive.
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    Refinish is Back

    Epic indeed. That incipient clownburst would probably have been improved by any refin color scheme , but this is just over the top!
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    What first started the need for a guitar in your life?

    X10! Speaking of Richie Blackmore....Our bass player is British, and toured Europe in a very good hair band during the nineties. Evidently, the great Deep Purple guitarist had a less-than-stellar personality, because most of the opening bands called him "Scratchy Richmore"!
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    10s Down to 9s: Low Tailpiece and Strings Touching Bridge

    Allowing the strings to contact the back of the bridge can cause a forward-leaning bridge. It'll happen sooner with an ABR with the posts screwed directly into the top, but it can happen with modern bridge mounting, too.
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    New toy

    AH-HA! Now I've got YOU doing it!
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    Mini humbucker

    I bought and installed a pair of Swedish-made Lundgren minis in my 2018 Firebird, and they sounded wonderful--smooth, warm, and with luscious sparkly highs. 'Course, they cost $347 shipped from Sweden.... I think you get what you pay for when it comes to pickups.

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