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  • You know when I make a mistake in a song I just repeat it to make it seem like I meant to do that. ‍♂ Yeah probably not a good idea
    I've got a maybe goofy peave about the trapaziodal inlay on the 15th fret of both
    My Paul's. The seem disproportionate to the rest. Anyone else noticed that?
    My cherry burst standard was stolen so I bought a honey Burst traditional. Next thing you know I walk into the pawn shop and there's my cherry burst. So now jamming two Paul's, each has their own distinct tones. Loving booth!!
    Some #@"":;;&* stole my cherry burst standard paul so rather than cry I thought I'd buy.
    Got a beautiful ice tea burst .
    I was thinking about putting some locking Kluson tuners on her. Anybody used them yet? Looking for opinions, thanks Paul bearers
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