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    '99 Tele NGD and bridge suggestions

    Dang, everyone is confirming what I done feart'! I'll grab a one of the new American Pro bridges for it when I see one on Reverb. Danke-Thanks-Hvalla all!
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    '99 Tele NGD and bridge suggestions

    Howdy Fender land of MLP. I'm not on here much but I thought I'd share my newest acquisition a 1999 Fender American Standard Telecaster. My Telecaster patch in the front yard is doing okay this year, maybe a custom shop or vintage piece next year. Maple board, see thru Mary-Kaye like poly...
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    76 les paul custom with deluxe on the head stock

    Nice Custom! I have it's Brother! The stamping is weird though, as the others have already said it's a Custom.
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    Opinions on a 1972 LPC

    Fore sure, my 73' Deluxe had a large heel. I think my 76' Custom has a bigger heal than you guitar pictured.
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    Have you ever owned a Norlin "dog"?

    I had a '74 Deluxe that I did not like. My mate traded me a Kramer and some Money for it, he loves it. I really think most of the time the issue is what people like not that the guitar is bad, some are better than others but it is hard to discern if it is OVERALL better or just to said...
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    FS: 1965 Fender Bandmaster Tube 3x10" Combo amp

    Hubba-hubba that's my cup of tea! I'll be watching this, gotta sell my Rockerverb 1st though, AWESOME amp! + bump
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    Flooding again in the Centeral TX area

    Well, now they're saying more rain this weekend. I hope it's not as bad, apparently I was close to being flooded. I told my neighbour to let me know next time, when I found out my place was almost flooded I freaked because my guitars could have been damaged!
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    Flooding again in the Centeral TX area

    Don't come to San Marcos unless you have to, I went looking for my trash-cart when the rain stopped then noticed part of the backyard fence was experiencing structural issues. That's my neighbours recycling bin 2 yards down.
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    Les Paul Pankace body

    I've never even checked on mine for the maple layer, but I've seen pics on here before. Kind of crazy all the layers when one thinks about it!
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    Any love for the Fender Jazzmaster around here?

    I borrowed my buddy's '62 American Reissue for awhile, awesome guitar. It has a Mastery Bridge (which is awesome) and he replaced the Pickups with SD Antiquitys. I really liked it and was hoping he'd be up to parting with it, but alas he is not. Great guitar, I liked it with all my amps and...
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  12. Jazzmaster


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    1975 Goldtop NGD and Metamorphosis

    Sweet Deluxe! Enjoy it! Make it your own, don't sweat the mods!
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    NGD! 1974 Les Paul Deluxe GT

    Nice, makes me miss my old Deluxe! I actually like the 'goof rings' personally, I think they look cool! Enjoy!
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    dreaded brass nut finally got me

    I have Graph Tech Tusq XL on my guitars that aren't Floyds and they're great. It helps the guitar hold tune in humid and hot Austin clubs and it less prone to burrs. If you've never used one I really recommend it for a nut replacement, I also use their saddles on my guitars which lessens the...

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