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    My intro to CS - 60th Anniversary 59

    Outstanding example. Congrats!
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    when did gibson change nut size? 1 5/8''?

    In his defense, this information was only recently discovered.
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    WTB... PEDALS!

    I've got an Analogman Beano Boost Mini that I haven't gotten around to listing yet.
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    Delete please

    Looks great! Congrats in advance!
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    Who else has a fender twin?

    I have a '66 Twin Reverb, which I use for cleans only. My favorite guitar sounds through it come from my Jaguar and Jazzmaster.
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    NGD: 60th Anniversary 1960 V1 LP Standard

    R0s are the best. Congrats on a great-looking example!
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    NGD 2019 60th Southern Fade R9

    Looks great! Congrats!
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    Show me your knobs

    Not exactly non-traditional nor adventurous, but I'm a big fan of Montreux Time Machine knobs.
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    NOGD - 56 LP TV Special

    Awesome! The case is a nice plus as well. Congrats!
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    Delay. Do you like digital or analog?

    I like and use both, but slightly prefer digital. I'm using a Strymon DIG for my digital sounds and a Volante for analog.
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    56 LP TV Special - are the frets original?

    Gorgeous! Congrats! I'm late to the party, but I also believe barely-visible nibs on these is perfectly normal.
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    How much does your Historic weigh?

    There were several on the first page, including in the OP.
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    How much does your Historic weigh?

    My 2013 CC#7 (R0) weighs 8 lbs, 9.7 oz.
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    Painted headstocks, like 'em?

    Add me to the "only on offsets" crowd. I don't hate it on Strats, but prefer natural.
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    NGD 2017 LP 59 Standard Rock Top Malachite

    I love that! Thanks for sharing.

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