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    Favorite Oxymorons..

    Common sense. Because it is anything, but common.
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    Bummer. RIP Bob Kulick :(

    RIP, Rock In Peace Bob. Maybe, just maybe he is jamming with Malcolm.
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    What changes a good guitar player?

    Mark Agnesi? :naughty:
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    stolen identity

    I am not sure about your neck, of the woods. But I have been getting lots of emails warning, of covid 19 scams & hacks. Apparently the scammers & hackers are taking advantage, of the lock down. I hope you get it sorted, quickly.
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    2020 Cars are Fugly

    Now that made me, laugh. Reminded me of this. If you can't afford, a ford, dodge, a dodge.:naughty:
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    The Bad thing about exotic cars

    The question is, did you offer her a seat? :naughty::laugh2:
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    You're officially a vinyl collector when....

    A bit perverse, to admit this here. I am listening to this right now, on mp3. :cheers2: Don't worry, I have it on vinyl as well. I just haven't set it up yet, looking for the right cabinet.:laugh2: Not that I am looking to hard, the lock down here sucks. You feel like a criminal, just going on...
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    Neil Young Talks About His Experiences and Influences

    Thanks for sharing. An interesting clip. :thumb:
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    Jobs beats Gates again

    LtDave, I think this pandemic. Is affecting some people, in ways the rest of us cannot realise. Take a chill pill, you will feel better for it.:laugh2: Or, do like i did, a covid19 infection training course.
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    Pussy Galore, no more.

    6, oh, dear lord.:laugh2: 1, causes me enough grief.:rofl:
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    #1 song on the charts the day you were born?

    All my loving ep, The Beatles. I feel so old :laugh2:
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    Stop Making Sense

    You are a mod? :laugh2: I thought Dave was a mod.:rofl: Bastards, I forgot, what day it was :cheers2:
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    I Just Found My Next Car

    A clip for you Dole. My car is similar to this, but uprated brakes, & suspension. As per the NSWHP, specification. Then, their is my specification. A better intercooler, & intake piping. Cold air intake, with enclosed pod filter. Walbro 460 fuel pump. 1000cc injectors, plus 4 inch dump pipe...
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    Harvey Leaves Rikers Island

    Man bear pig? That guy is lower than snake shit.
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    I Just Found My Next Car

    I think they might be 15's, looking at a lip in the wheel. By that, I mean a 14 inch center. With the tyre hoop, flared to take the 14" centre. Lots of 12 slotters, and GT 5 slotters, are converted to 15" the same way.

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