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    "Interesting" guitar gear names...

    I didn't know, Zvex made viagra :laugh2:
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    RIP Tim Conway

    RIP, Ensign Parker.
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    Another Mom & Pop gone

    Nice score. :cheers2:
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    You left out, Eddie & "Philthy".:dude: Oh, and Wurzel. :cheers2:
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    Calling, Roger Mayer. Effects clean up, in aisle one. :laugh2:
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    I argued with a woman tonight

    He probably does, but will he pay? :laugh2: An argument thread & nobody, posted this?:rofl:
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    Why yes...Elon IS a stud!

    Are you, Roger Murtaugh? :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:
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    Brb going to smoke this joint

    Hello Rob, is there anything you can't research? :laugh2: I do mean that in a nice way, Bill.
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    Brb going to smoke this joint

    That maybe, the case. It has been a long time, since I partook. Well over twenty years, I had a big problem, with it. The hash I remember, you rolled into a ball, stuck it on a pin. Then "singed" it, so it would crumble into your mix of choice. I cannot see, that other stuff doing that. Looks...
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    Brb going to smoke this joint

    It does not look like, the hash I remember. I went back & looked at the picture, again. Still looks look compressed head, to me. :cheers2:
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    Brb going to smoke this joint

    That is not hash. It is compressed head. hash, is not green.
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    Is it better to be a coward? (Innuendo Content)

    How many Makers Marks, have you had, LOL. :laugh2: PSA, people if that hooch, makes Dave say this. Stay away, bad juju.
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    People who get by with the least effort.

    The next tech, in my country. Will be candles, & hurricane lamps! Don't ask why, the explanation might get me a holiday. IE, non approved political content.
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    Mass shooting in New Zealand

    If that was published, whilst the shooter was living there. Fair call, but it was not. It was published much earlier.
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    Mass shooting in New Zealand

    Read it again. The mosque is mentioned, but not in it's full name.