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    only Ash Williams...

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    MLP Weekly Movie Club

    Dude, I haven't seen Westworld in years.
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    Unusual problem with neck breaks.

    It doesn't even have to be touring pros. When I was playing live, I swapped to straplocks because constantly taking my strap on and off was making my strap buttons loose, and I didn't know the Schaller screws were smaller than the Gibson screws. This is what happened after my Les Paul bounced...
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    Jazz Fusion Drummer hears (and plays) Enter Sandman for the first time!

    What's worse than that...I've heard a song on the radio, go home and play it for my wife, and nail it like 80%, where a nonmusician can tell what song it was. But I wanna play a goddamned AC/DC song, can't get E A and D in the right order. :wtf: My dad's played in bands most of his life and...
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    Tech quoted 45mins of labor to swap pickups. Does that sound right?

    Another thing, every time I do something for someone and they ask how long will this take I over estimate how long it'll take. Say I takes me 30 minutes to change a set of pickups, I tell you it'll take 45 minutes. Then when I hit a snag and it takes me 40 minutes, I'm still done faster than...
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    jokes & funnies.

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    NGD: Well, I guess that makes it a keeper.

    I'd been thinking about getting something old and weird, and this still ticks the box since it's an actual Epi instead of a budget Gibson. I was messing with it, and if I wiggle the neck volume it'll cut in and out. I'm really thinking about modding it like the one in the video I posted, it's...
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    NGD: Well, I guess that makes it a keeper.

    I used to have a P94 in my Les Paul, and I've had the P90 itch since then. A Junior is a bit more than I can afford to spend nowadays, and like I said I haven't cared for any of the Epi versions of Gibsons I've had, but I'm impressed enough with the actual Epiphone's I've had I could totally get...
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    NGD: Well, I guess that makes it a keeper.

    I've tried to like SGs, but they just aren't my thing, and this is a bigger than one. I don't know if Gibson built them, but this is from a limited run in 2009, and it's made in China. I know Gibson made a run of USA Casinos. But I have to say, I've had a couple Epi versions of Gibsons and I...
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    jokes & funnies.

    I mean, I saw a sign in the store that I started to get offended by. It said crackers love cheese, and I started to feel triggered, but then I remembered I was at the store because I ate all our cheese and had to get some more for dinner.
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    NGD: Well, I guess that makes it a keeper.

    So, I'm a big fan of Frank Iero, and I've been trying to find one of his sig Wilshires, but every time I find one I can't afford it, and when I can afford it I can't find one. So I finally gave up and just bought a regular one, but I'm still thinking about modding this one to be like the one he...
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    What would your wife do with your Les Paul(s) if you died?

    As far as all my guitars go, she knows what they are worth, and that one of them I made a deal with the dude I bought it from if I ever sell it that he has the first bid on it, but as far as my Les Paul, honestly I kinda want her to give it away. I've posted on here about how much that guitar...
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    59RI Took A Fall...dent in the fret help

    I was just wondering because mine are worn down and have grooves in some of them, and it still plays fine.
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    59RI Took A Fall...dent in the fret help

    Does it still play fine?
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    Who is your Holy Trinity of axe slingers?

    Phil X Frank Iero James Hetfield

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