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    NGD 50’s Wildwood Standard

    I've got one of those. The Pickups are absolutely awesome. I like them more than any LP I've had in the past including RI's & a Collectors Choice I had for a minute.
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    Klon Centaur/KTR clone

    This. I've owned the KTR a few different times and this one by Decibelics is a gem. Its super-small footprint is an added bonus too
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    60's Standard 61 pickups?

    I didn't particularly care for them in my 60's Standard vs. BB1 & BB2's I had in other models...from Standards to Historics. For lack of a better word, I found them to be slightly "choppy" or "not smooth". They weren't bad by any means, but I'd say in the last 20 years, any LP I've had, I...
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    Should Gibson bring Les Paul Custom back to Gibson USA line?

    Then there's also the bone they throw us like the "Frampton" black beauty "Phoenix"....for $7-LARGE :oops: Gibson Peter Frampton "Phenix" Inspired Les Paul Custom Ebony VOS GH 489...Call 888-794-8482 To Order! - Moore Guitars
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    2013 Gibson Les Paul Traditional finish issue.

    Could it be possible someone sprayed air freshner or something that could've come from an aerosol can?
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    My new Gibson Les Paul Modern

    That's a helluva beautiful looking guitar. Play her well!
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    Gibson USA Flametop Friday!

    Mine acquired this week...a Wildwood Spec 50's Standard in "Honeyburst" finish. The '59 tribute pickps sound insanely good through all my amps and the chunky neck isn't as large as my R8, which I'm loving .
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    Attenuator Suggestions?

    Exactly this... I used the CX for gigs, while using the voicing options it had within the "Wall of Sound" (or whatever their interface is called to dial in voicings) combined with IR's to run to the board and out to the mains, while ALSO using my amp and cab behind me for my stage volume. The...
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    In praise of The New Originals!

    Crap, so sorry....HONEY BURST!
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    In praise of The New Originals!

    Ha....just a couple unprofessional, quick ones...the fretboard is SUPER dark...almost looks like ebony
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    In praise of The New Originals!

    I have one of the more flamey Wildwood 50's in Honey Burst showing up tomorrow. Can't wait to give her hell
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    Thursday NGD. Wildwood 50s spec standard

    Awesome and beautiful guitar. How are you enjoying her? I just pulled the trigger tiday on one of the 50's WW Standards with the same '59 pickups in Honeyburst. I'll post some photos once she gets here next week, but their service was great. Setup pref we Renee's & shirt, free...
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    PRS: I may have been mistaken

    I own 5 PRS guitars...4 core models and 1 Piezo Hollowbody SE...every one of them is nothing short of impeccable. Their pickups have been awesome for nearly the last 15 years or so now too. Love my LP's too, but being someone that gigs....sometimes in nearly-unbearable heat, I'd have to say...
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    Verifying this 1974 Les Paul Custom is real?

    Just saw this on the CL in Charlotte, NC last night. LOL... I was going to drive to take a look at it this weekend. Good catch, guys!
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    2016 R8s

    I agree, the '16 R8 models were just f'n ****

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