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    When did Black Sabbath peak?

    Live? '72--'74 Studio?.. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.
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    NGD: Gibson SG Custom Faded Cherry Gloss w/Maestro

    I have seen one.. In Guitar Center of all places. It had a stop-tail! Since we're showing off...
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    I just learned that this guitar exists:

    I like these for some reason. I think it needs an Explorer headstock.. Or even a backwards Explorer headstock.
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    "I Quit Smoking" - The 2021 edition.

    This might be the year for me. Been a smoker since 1995. It doesn't taste good, it doesn't give you a buzz, it's just an all around disgusting addiction.
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    The video game thread.

    I've done so much research on TVs..I just had to settle on the Samsung. I was thinking about an LG model, but they get burn-in.. The OLED thing... Yeah, it looks better, deeper blacks and whatever.. But when you have a constant HUD going on, it will burn the screen..
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    The video game thread.

    What are you guys doing for TVs? I'm going with the Samsung q90t.. 55" We have an old, big ass TV but it can't do 4K. lol
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    The video game thread.

    The dark souls and bloodborne are real games.. i get to press a button every once in a while...
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    The video game thread.

    I hope the rumors of a Demon's Souls remake are true. A new Ratchet and Clank could be a thing too. We'll find out tomorrow.
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    Cold Gin ...

    They became something other than what they started out as. which was a great hard rock band. I don't blame anybody for hating them.. But at one time, they were a really good hard rock/early metal band.
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    First Guitar

    It was a thing called a Synsonic. It looked like an Explorer with a built-in speaker. It was like a Toys r Us guitar or whatever from the '80s. I wish I had kept the damn thing. lol But I smashed it all over the driveway.
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    NGD: 1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom

    That looks better than the real thing.
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    Hey Nineteen!

    Sorry for the huge pictures.. He turned 18 last September. Still going strong!
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    Hey Nineteen!

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    Heavy metal turns 50 today.

    Love Sabbath and Zep, but Geezer's lyrics get my vote.
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    My 2013 ES 330 VOS and 2014 ES 335 Dot Reissue

    I would leave the covers off, dude! Looks like it means business. :eek2:

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