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    The video game thread.

    I hope the rumors of a Demon's Souls remake are true. A new Ratchet and Clank could be a thing too. We'll find out tomorrow.
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    Cold Gin ...

    They became something other than what they started out as. which was a great hard rock band. I don't blame anybody for hating them.. But at one time, they were a really good hard rock/early metal band.
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    First Guitar

    It was a thing called a Synsonic. It looked like an Explorer with a built-in speaker. It was like a Toys r Us guitar or whatever from the '80s. I wish I had kept the damn thing. lol But I smashed it all over the driveway.
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    NGD: 1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom

    That looks better than the real thing.
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    Hey Nineteen!

    Sorry for the huge pictures.. He turned 18 last September. Still going strong!
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    Hey Nineteen!

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    Heavy metal turns 50 today.

    Love Sabbath and Zep, but Geezer's lyrics get my vote.
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    My 2013 ES 330 VOS and 2014 ES 335 Dot Reissue

    I would leave the covers off, dude! Looks like it means business. :eek2:
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    My 2013 ES 330 VOS and 2014 ES 335 Dot Reissue

    The 335 looks really cool without pickup covers. :dude:
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    MLP done dirty and declared DEAD!!

    The nOrLiN KiNg! :laugh2:
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    MLP Thread Hall of Fame

    :laugh2: I don't want to say who it is. I'm not sure if it's cool or whatever. B I have no problem taking about.. We fell into a Philly show a while back.. In my case, literally.. And B was there. I guess he thought we were the same account and I was two different people. Freaked him right...
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    MLP Thread Hall of Fame

    B was weird in person.. But NOBODY is weirder than The Loomer. :laugh2:
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    MLP Thread Hall of Fame

    A lot of cool people just said fuggit and disappeared. Not just from MLP either.
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    MLP Thread Hall of Fame

    The nibs are in the case.. I can put them on whenever I want! :laugh2:
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    Historic Announcement

    Pine hole. :laugh2:

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