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    Wireless headphones for playing music

    Wireless headphones are not "natural". Natural is with a cable. How could you listen to Vintage Music without a cable? Yeah, I know. You can't.
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    Such a fun weekend! Road trip to Ohio! Roller coasters galore!

    Wow! That's nuts! In a good way. Glad you went through your project and had fun. :thumb:
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    I'm not watching the GoT finale.

    I've heard there was hot nudity so there's that. One can't just discard a series that includes nudity. I mean, that would be... unmanly? :dunno: :)
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    For Sale. Pedals sale

    I'm looking for either a RV-3, RV-4 or RV-5. :( :)
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    SO PUMPED!!!!!!!

    Oh yeah, she's pumped. :oops:
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    EC with LPC

    Nice pics! :thumb: Thanks for posting.
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    Big Saturday night!!!!!

    Listening to "I Love the Dead" in headphones.
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    Messed up my solo tonight

    It has happened to most. What song?
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    You know you’re too old to rock ‘n roll when....

    You have to give him that. He looks good for 75.
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    Estate Sale Find!

    Hey! It's missing a string! You've been had! :) Really nice! Worst case scenario, it's a good wall decoration.
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    What Would You Do?

    Then it shouldn't be too far out to ask not to smoke in their room. Although if they wake up in the middle of the night to smoke, you got yourself some tough addicted cookies...
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    Here Fishy Fishy

    Watch the documentary: "A Fish Called Vagina".
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    Cat assists in playing piano

    One of my cats was a small all black old female who never came on the sofa arm but when I put ACDC Live in Donnington. She would suddenly appear besides me and watch the screen. :D No other music or program had that effect on her.
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    We lost an internet hero

    He wasn't my favorite but he was a cat. RIP. P.S.: Is Pokey still alive?
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    What Would You Do?

    As it's been suggested already, I would look for a common exhaust conduit exit. Otherwise, I can't figure out where the smoke would come from if there is concrete between the two houses. Even if you decided to move, solving the smoke scent problem would definitely help selling the house...