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    "Sandy" at Guitar Shop Taiwan

    Sandy still looks stunning.
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    Where are all the vintage plain tops?

    Just alittle bit of action, pretty minty though!
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    Help: my R9 lost an inlay

    Change them all! Superglue.
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    Don't ever touch a true 59 burst

    I don't know what better is, other than it's an opinion. That said vintage vs. Modern might be better described as different. So I think that is often the rub. the idea is a reissue guitar is supposed to be close to the original. We would all like to believe that, and gibson goes out of their...
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    Aged Les Paul Knobs

    Retrospec ones look really nice, to me at least :)
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    Ditch that flat head screw now!
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    what is the best way to improve a new R9 tone?

    Setup.... Adjust pickups.
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    My Second Historic Makeover!

    Killer man, just killer!
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    So I sent a broken 59 TV Model over to BCR Greg......

    Oh yeah,very cool indeed!
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    NVGD, 1968 Les Paul

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    Just some old guitar...... :)

    Very cool guitar!
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    Show us your one keeper that you will never sell

    My main gigging guitar currently. A 65' 335 with 3 pat.numbers ;)
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    Ole' 1953 "Red" Goldtop!!!

    Uh yeah badass Charlie!

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