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    How do you jam with MP3’s

    I have the line out on my computer going to one of the line inputs on an old stereo receiver connected to a pair of big old floor speakers. Whatever audio I play on the computer whether mp3, youtube, etc. goes through that. Guitar goes into pedal board / guitar amp.
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    Nitro safe guitar stands.

    I bought the Hercules wall hangers but already had various brands of floor stands. I just wrapped all of the parts the guitar rests against with some black felt and haven't had any issues.
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    Do Use An E.Q. Pedal For A Clean Boost?

    I've used my MXR as a boost with great results. As others have mentioned, I push the mids and cut some low end to cut through the mix a bit better.
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    Any SCUBA Divers Here?

    I got my PADI Divemaster certification in the 90s but haven't done much diving for a wile. I'd like to get back to it.
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    There is nothing like a free concert...

    Nice! Heard from one of my friends that went that it was a great show.
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    Electrical Noise All Guitar but Not Mic or Synth

    Along the lines of what chasenblues said, where is your cell phone?
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    Gigging Guitarists: How Do You Get Your Clean and Distorted Sounds Live?

    I get most of my sounds straight from my Mesa Express+ and guitar pickup switch/knobs but I will use a an occasional fuzz or OD pedal if it makes sense.
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    Congratulations. It really is a great sounding amp and looks to be in very good condition. I picked up one of those about a year and a half ago and love it.
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    Beam blockers for guitar amp speakers.

    This ^ On all points.
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    help with pros/cons between original fender deluxe reverb and a reissue

    A bit off topic but if you are interested in learning how tube amps work, I would suggest starting by watching this guy's videos on youtube...
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    Flat Earth Dude Says He'll Prove It

    I love this quote I'm not sure he knows what that word means.
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    Mesa Express 5:25 vs 5:25+, has anyone owned both?

    Congrats!! I like the white tolex. I have the head too running through a 1x12 with a Mesa Black Shadow speaker.
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    Just what in the Wide, Wide World of Sports is goin' on here?

    The truss rod cover sells it.
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    Mesa Express 5:25 vs 5:25+, has anyone owned both?

    I bought a 5:25+ shortly after they came out and did some research on the difference between the original and +. From what I remember there were 3 major differences: 1. The clean channel circuit was changed to be similar to the Lone Star Special clean which many viewed as an improvement. 2...

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