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    Japanese acoustics - new and vintage

    Alright, so Musicland Key won't directly sell me this beautiful LG-0/LG-2 style thing from VG / Crews: Using stuff like Rinkya, Zenmarket etc. are you able to get the sales taxes waived or no? I figured not, as they essentially purchase the...
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    Japanese acoustics - new and vintage

    Thanks for the help! Yes, I would love a late 50s / early 60s Guild M-20 - the vintage ones are sometimes cheaper than the ones where I live, Australia. They're still quite pricey, but indeed my dream acoustic. I played a Guild M-120 (I assume Chinese construction?) that was beautiful sounding...
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    Japanese acoustics - new and vintage

    I'm not normally one to take a risk in buying an acoustic online, but with the lack of good, small-bodied mahogany top guitars around (under $1.5k), and the Japanese reputation for QC, I thought I would take a dive. Two of the newer ones I am considering closely...
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    MIJ SG Special (P90) clones

    I'm liking the idea of getting a beaten-up Greco and doing a re-finish, or waiting out for a Bacchus BSG-SP. It seems Gibson USA and others just can't get the carves right. Edwards sounds good too - certainly the cheapest option out of the three.
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    MIJ SG Special (P90) clones

    It has been a long time since posting here, but I have got the guitar bug again. I LOVE SG specials with p90s, 1961 - 1964 style. After passing up a Greco SS500 a year ago in store, I've been kicking myself since. I recall seeing a Bacchus BSG special in TV yellow on digimart some time ago, but...
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    Conversion bushings for Gibson Kluson > Vintage Kluson?

    Hi all, I'm nearly sold on the 2019/2020 Gibson SG special in Pelham Blue. I'm just about to pull the trigger, but there's one tiny thing I don't like about it... the modern Gibson Klusons. Why oh why do they put these large washer monstrosities on vintage-style instruments, when they're...
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    Pawn Shop Find 1980 Gretsch BST1500

    $50 is a steal! One of my favourite guitarists from one of my favourite bands has a BST-1000, and it rips: Talks and plays from 4:15 and then rips some awesome slide at 19:10 One day I want to track down a BST-5000. They look insane. People rip on the baldwin era of gretsch guitars, but they...
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    "MIJ" Bargain of the day! - One of the famed Pure Material Edwards Les Pauls.
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    Best Resonably Priced Historically Accurate MIJ LP?

    To me, this is all they are. If I see them on an Orville by Gibson for example, I know its a model that has nitro. Its like Honduran Mahogany - can I tell the difference between it and African when I've got any kind of fuzz or gain? No. To me, it's just a sign that whoever made it probably gave...
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    Best Resonably Priced Historically Accurate MIJ LP?

    At that price you'll usually need to sacrifice one of the 'high-end' specs. E.g. Greco EG59-85 from 1982-1983 will have long tenon, nibs, 1pc neck, lacquer finishing, but has a 2pc back and the top is usually 3+ pieces with a veneer. 1982 EG59-85s are pretty easy to find, as are the earlier...
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    Thoughts on Edwards LP TV Special

    This has the 'lacquer-taste' finishing, so it's a poly base with lacquer top coat; feels just like a lacquered guitar, which is all that matters. Comes with Duncan SP90s, which from all accounts, are decent. I'm not familiar with their P90 offerings. The Gotoh hardware is great too. I've got two...
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    NGD - 2009 Tokai LS160

    That's a pearler. Glad you bit the bullet.
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    MIJ 2009 Tokai LS160 - nitro finish?

    I didn't notice the second part of the question, my apologies. I personally wouldn't pay more than $1,200 AUD shipped for that particular guitar, but I'm not sure how that translates to EU money given all the taxes you guys have. If you're looking for similar price comparisons, that model...
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    MIJ 2009 Tokai LS160 - nitro finish?

    Likely, yes. Here's a page from the vol 25 (2010) Tokai catalog, listing an LS-160 with a lacquer finish: Be aware that this may be a lacquer over poly finish at that pricepoint. I'm sure someone else here...
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    "MIJ" Bargain of the day!

    I didn't even notice it was through Rockin - they're bloody great. I don't know if you dealt with Shinya Nakane, but he's awesome. Kept me updated throughout the whole process and padded my guitar and case like it was carrying a baby with spina bifida. I had it to my door in Brisbane, Australia...

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