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    Amp Noise

    I decided to replace both plate resistors and the cathode resistor/bypass cap on the 12AX7.That seems to have done the trick. After a total of about an hour playing and just sitting idling there is just a barely audible hiss. I'm satisfied.
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    Amp Noise

    This is the most likely cause. It is not due to outside interference, bad cables, or poor power.
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    Amp Noise

    One of my amps has started making a soft crackling noise. The noise sounds like a combination of static and rustling leaves. The amp in question is a Weber 5F1 Champ clone that I built about 5 years ago. It is modified with a 5F2A tone stack replacing the low level input jack. Speaker is a...
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    I've been wanting to name my Les Paul for a while.

    My 2014 Custom Shop R8, "Plain Jane":
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    Sticker switch cavity R9

    Why is this even a question/thread?
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    After years of painstaking buying and trying, many tens of thousands of dollars spent, I've finally found the best Les Paul... and it's an R8!

    Sorry. Lost interest after the first paragraph. Nice R8, though. I have an R8 also and love it.
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    Gold script coming off?

    The guitar is 11 years old. What do you expect Gibson to do?
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    Would it be Inappropriate to Put Reflector Knobs on My 50s Standard?

    I hate reflector knobs. They look cheap and tacky.
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    Red Eye Les Paul pickup specs?

    Real one or Collector's Choice?
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    New to RI’s. What’s the deal with Carmelita?

    Since no one seems able or willing to actually answer you question, here is the web page for Carmelita. Scroll down to the section on Neck.
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    NGD 2018 R9, have a few questions.....

    Are you happy with the way the guitar plays and sounds? If yes, why do you care about a slight amount of orange peel that you can only see with LED light? What difference does the length of the pickup wires make? Guitars sometimes feed back. How loud were you playing? How close were you to the...
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    Aged True Historic - Factory Buckle Rash or Not

    Could someone please explain what exactly a "mint condition" reliced/aged guitar is and how would you know?
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    R8 2017 fretboard Quality issue

    If it doesn't affect playability, I don't see the big deal. Give the fret board a good oiling, let t soak in for a while, then buff it. See if it makes a difference.
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    Original 59' on reverb.

    It's on Burst Serial people:
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    This has been nagging at me!!

    Climate change nags at me. Bridge/tailpiece angle not so much. :Ohno:

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