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    Gibson ES-Les Paul 2015 Tobacco Sunburst '59 Neck

    The quality coming out of Memphis blew me away. I cant find anything negative about this guitar. No neck binding bleed, the QC on this guitar is pretty amazing. Thank you for the compliments!!
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    Gibson ES-Les Paul 2015 Tobacco Sunburst '59 Neck

    That makes sense.......the slim shoulders makes it uber more playable!
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    Gibson ES-Les Paul 2015 Tobacco Sunburst '59 Neck

    Very interesting guitar I scored in a trade. What interested me in the first place was the neck........Dead on example of a 59' Historic. I cant do smaller 60's thin. Last year I had finally found a ES335 with a larger neck but I just couldn't get on with the guitar. I'm a Tele player at heart...
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    Shipping prices have gotten outrageous

    They are nuts. I dont trade gear anymore like I used to. All the fun is gone. Shipping, fees......crazy. that said. I live in Florida on the east coast. Its expensive but if I stay on the east of Mississippi.......its doable. West of that its a Fing insane price increase. Almost double.
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    Thrones S8 Premier Tonight!

    Not all. A bunch came running back with the look of Hell on thier faces ......which was very unDothraki. That was to show you the viewer what was coming. I like the theory floated above...... that Danis body was flown to someplace where she was resurrected like Jon Snow. Make for a heck of a...
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    Thrones S8 Premier Tonight!

    I hated the first season. I didnt make it past bran being tossed out a window for watching Jamie bang his sister, and the killing of Wolves. After season 3 I heard so much buzz I had to give it a go again. After watching stark get killed and put on a stake for his children to see.. then...
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    Thrones S8 Premier Tonight!

    For now it does. It will be back though.
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    Thrones S8 Premier Tonight!

    True. But she was also sold as a sex slave to Khal by her brother. That first scene when she was basically raped you can see her face ..........shes gonna take it , but one day. She still had compassion back then, she freed the slaves, but the stronger she got the more others lied and tried to...
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    Thrones S8 Premier Tonight!

    That was a cool scene. And I felt bad for it when she died . But I dont think she was a demonic witch. Life and bad men turned her hard. She did like to be queen and liked power but she meant well at first. She rescued the slaves, killed thier masters. She tried to make peace with Searcy...
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    Thrones S8 Premier Tonight!

    I liked it. It gave closure , Everyone thought Jon Snow would be the King. Bran the broken was a good choice, he was the one that the Night king targeted for a reason. I knew Danny wasn't gonna make it after she lost it on Kings landing. I'd gotten used to people getting killed off.......The...
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    So...Robert Pattinson From Twilight Is The New Batman

    It's all about the Bruce Wayne character now. Batman wears a ton of armor......anyone can look good in it. Affleck was a douche. That character needs a personality injection , like Iron man, or dead pool ........or Guardians of the Galaxy or its DOA.
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    Polishing a LP goldtop satin! wrong ! thx for the info

    Best Gold top I've seen is on the Lee Roy Parnell LPs. Just stunning.
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    New Batman 6/25/2021

    I like this guy:
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    "Interesting" guitar gear names...

    I'd still rather play with a pink Taco.......but that's just me.:fingersx:
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    RIP Tim Conway

    I loved McCales Navy. He was funny in a Don Knotts sort of way back then. Those two were a hoot.....RIP.