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    Favourite blues tracks (River?) - Hidden Gems edition

    Thanks for posting that! It is a new one for me and I loves me some John Lee Hooker.
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    I support the soldiers despite our leaders...

    Those 9 men and many others did more for the rest of Americans than Lindsey Lohan who? ever will in her whole pathetic life. Her coverage in the lamestream media is just trash.
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    What to do in NY as a tourist..

    The first time I was there I was amazed at the amount of trash on the street in China Town and when we reached Little Italy I was amazed at how clean the streets were. I also had a fantastic meal at a small Italian restaurant there. McSorley's Old Ale house at 15 E. 17th street is a must see...
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    Favorite golf discs

    I've only played real golf and I do think disk golf might be fun but I look better in a pair of plaid pants than a tie dyed tee shirt.
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    Visited the Bosnian neighbors...

    I had a Czechoslovakian friend several years ago and we would get sh!* faced drinking that stuff. I think it just might be worse than Everclear. It must be good for digestion because I had the runs for at least two days after drinking that stuff. It is made from plums.
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    One of the Great Sandwiches of All Time ....

    Although it is not traditional with the true Cuba sandwich I love to use Aioli mayo and paper thin red onion on the sandwich. A cousin of my wife married a Cuban girl and at the reception party her mother who was born and raised in Cuba gave me her family recipe for the roasted pork. It has a...
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    There is nothing like a BLT!

    How many fans of the BLT only put three slices of bacon on the sandwich? I have to have at least six slices of bacon on my sandwich. I also prefer a nice sourdough bread for my BLT's.
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    Glass Slide vs Metal Slide

    I use glass for electric and acoustic guitars. To me it just sounds better than any metal slide I've used. I also play a lap steel and use a metal bar on it so my suggestion is to go figure out which sound you like on your guitar.
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    What's for dinner 7/19.

    Rabbit fricassee, 1 rabbit Flour 1/4 cup Butter Salt Pepper 1 medium Onion, chopped fine 1 1/2 cup Red Wine 1/4 Lemon, rind only Few Sprigs Parsley 2 stalks celery with leaves 1 Bay Leaf 1 tablespoon Flour 1 tablespoon Butter Chopped Parsley Cut the rabbit into serving pieces and dust with...
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    Favorite fighter jet

    Awesome! :applause::applause::applause: Thank you for your service! :applause::applause::applause:
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    What would you never buy?

    A $20 rock of crack cocaine and a $5 whore. Well at least not again.
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    Why did the pepper wanna party with the mushroom?

    I thought I was the only one that liked that combination. It is nice to know that there are other people that have great taste.
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    There is nothing like a BLT!

    I like to add a very thin slice of red onion and two grinds of black pepper to the Miracle Whip.
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    Favorite fighter jet

    Jeeze! I should learn to read all the posts or lay off the Sunday afternoon beer.:D
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    Favorite fighter jet

    I'm surprised that with the number of Vietnam vets here no one has mentioned the F-4. [/IMG]