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    Anyone actually happy with their Murphy Lab?

    Used to be my feeling too. I just had a hard time paying for a pre-damaged guitar. And I've seen quite a number of guitars that aren't very well done. However, in the past 10 years or so I've owned quite a number of Fender CS aged in variety of levels, plus some other boutique builds. When...
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    NGD: Dream R8 with a Ding!

    love the burst - beauty guitar man! Ding isn't in a really obvious spot that you'll see while playing too, so that's a bonus :)
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    My new 2020 60th Anniversary 1960 V2 VOS Tomato Soup

    beauty I recently picked one up, but was a little disappointed in a few issues. Company I got it from has been communicative and discussed some options. Decided to send it back and think I'm going with a Murphy Labs instead, but other than the QC issues, the guitar was great. The Tomato Soup...
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    FS - *SOLD* 2019 Gibson 60th Anniversary '59 Les Paul Standard R9 VOS Green Lemon Fade

    I've actually shipped across the border a ton, but on the Canada side we often get charged tax on entry. I could end up paying another 15% on top of the guitar.
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    NAD - Vintage Sound V20 (brief review)

    You mean flat on the floor? Yeah, when I gig it is. Just sitting on the stand in my music room. hard to gauge what the resale is around these parts. I don't have too much into it and likely not moving it anyway. For the cost of it, I certainly can't replace it.
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    Help picking new amp

    I've really liked Tone Kings I've played through, but haven't tried the one you mention. The Vox AC15 handwired has precious little clean head room, and I found it rather meh, especially given the cost.
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    NAD - Vintage Sound V20 (brief review)

    I've owned several mid/low watt amps. Blues Jr (owned several, and still have 1) Deluxe reverbs for some mid level amps, plus quite a few handwired builds from Dr Z, Two Rock, Victoria and others. All others, save for the Two Rock, disappoint in gig settings for me, and the tone I'm looking...
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    FS/T Gibson Traditional Burst - GONE

    SOLD/TRADED 2016 Les Paul Traditional. Guitar plays great, and weighs in at a nice 9.2 lbs. Guitar has some player wear in the form of some very light buckle rash on the back, a few unfortunate dings near the jack plate, and small ding near the binding on the top. I've tried to photo them as...
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    NGD ES-333 (RD) and a question

    very cool - though +1 vote for covers on the pups :)
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    Please delete.

    great pickups, had a few sets in different LPs
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    NGD - 2012 R8 (pic heavy)

    thanks guys, love 'em both :)
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    NGD - 2012 R8 (pic heavy)

    Pretty beefy - typical R8s I think. Lemon is slightly thinner I think, but not much.
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    NGD - 2012 R8 (pic heavy)

    Did a deal and got a 2nd R8 - 8.4 lbs and a lighter burst than the pics show. Cool guitar, with sign Bonomassa pickups in it. Truss rod is quite stiff, but have the action down where I like it so no play issues. Guitar with it is an 07 R8

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