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    CC#16 Historic Makeover by Jaeger Guitars

    That's standard procedure with all my guitars since 1973, taught by a spanish luthier....
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    Got a new Goldtop Standard and ... not loving it

    Well, earlier on I offered help by pm. Now let me get this straight: I'm an retired audio engineer touching 70 yrs with 55 yrs handling guitars as a musician AND a technician. So, for starters, a piece of cheap recycled sheet metal does never make for a good signal ground ...away with it. Copper...
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    Got a new Goldtop Standard and ... not loving it

    stud it with a diamond, may be? :applause:
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    Got a new Goldtop Standard and ... not loving it

    Hey friend, if you are not a diehard vintage-first-and-above-all addict and if you can swing a soldering iron you can save a lot of money and frustration. To get a detailed discription of a serious solution, pm me. For starters you should remove the metal ground plate and start rewiring with...
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    My Amazing DNA Test

    Isn't it like getting a new life, finally? This is awesome and mindboggering, spiritually magic. Enjoy!
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    Delayed NGD- 1980 Les Paul Custom

    Many years ago I had a 1983 Studio with Shaws The neck pup in this guitar was kinda lame duck and swapped. The guitar was great. Long gone since... I like beefy necks alot.
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    Should i return my new Gibson? #3

    well, as far as i can see, the red filler is missing! A shame, really :facepalm:
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    OGD Les Paul Deluxe (Tell me you hate it...)

    Hallo, Gold Top aficionados, here's my 2015 Deluxe Special. Came to me mid 2019, was modded (Schaller tuners, electronics removed and rewired 50 style, no coil taps). I'm a big fan of these 2015 necks and those Robotuners from Hamburg, Germany. So I reinstalled the original hardware, back to...
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    Peter Green, RIP

    Frankfurt at the Messe - yeah, had a chat with zhim backstage in the evening before the party show. still keep his poster he signed for me. He was an old soul, then and when he started.
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    EU sellers' thread

    Goodday folks, up for a rare sale is my spare set of 2019 Larry CORSA 'MANALISHI' # 630 humbucker pickups - NON magnet flip, 4 conductor - for a great Peter Green (RIP) or a versatile Jimmy Page Les Paul. Brand spanking new, latest version, unused. 285 Euro + shipping. Specs [Kohms / Henry]...
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    jokes & funnies.

    Is'n it spelled 'WOOD' ? ...sorry my englisch is foolty.
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    jokes & funnies.

    America the beautiful
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    Hendrix timing

    They call me the breeze...:cool:
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    Funny Fret Ends

    The fretnibs look like broken off rather than filed. Looks like the fret ends stand free, imagine how that feels when going up and down the fretboard. @ Guy Named Sue yer avatar IS funny, too, ha, ha.
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    Hendrix timing

    I fully subscribe to that! For my 65 Bday as a surprise for my friends and family I wanted to record another session. To save money and to support young music students I recruited a group and got them in a studio. Big mistake. Since I never sang nor played to a click I wanted them to play alike...

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