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    Need Help Quick

    Going to tinker with it now, will touch base in a few hours, thanks again
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    Need Help Quick

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    Need Help Quick

    Thanks for the tips guys, I have an up bow, do I tighten it or loosin it?
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    Need Help Quick

    Just got a 5/16 nut driver from Home Depot, way more useful then gibson's "crack pipe" tool :naughty: still haven't gotten any results, I believe I have an "up bow" what should I do about this? I've always been a plug in and play guy I don't need a perfect neck I just want the sucker to play, I...
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    Need Help Quick

    Meaning I'm not gonna use pliers, I have the truss rod tool
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    Need Help Quick

    Threw on some new strings forgot to add, it's just after the 7th fret it sounds all "plucky" and "quacky" but no notes are coming out, I think the strings might be touching around the 17th or higher frets because It plays up there and from the 7th fret down it plays, should I loosen the truss...
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    Need Help Quick

    My les paul studio has been sitting in the case for the past year and a half 2 years :naughty: and after playing my sg all this time I needed a change and I grabbed my old baby and man she has some birth defects, it won't play past the 7th fret on any string, I'm assuming my truss rod is all out...
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    My 1959 ES-335 & Marshall

    Killer man
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    NGD-Epiphone Riviera

    Dont quite get the controls for this one yet:dunno:
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    NGD-Epiphone Riviera

    Plan On Doin it
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    NGD-Epiphone Riviera

    Wow Just Wow:shock: Was in the market for a semi-hollow for a while now and I found this sucker calling my name in my local guitarcenter. It plays and sounds like a dream. Got a nice chunky neck on there and this is just killer to rip up a blues solo on with the P90's. But im gonna shut up...
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    Unexpected NGD- 2013 SG Std.

    HNGD hope shes a keeper, SG's are killer
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    Ngd - 2013 r9

    Good googidi mogga thats stunning. HNGD!!
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    Few questions about a casino

    Thanks For All the help man, Have you tried the sheratons or the 335's? epi 335's that is
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    Why buy an overdrive?

    I can go both ways I guess, for a while ran straight into my amp using volume knobs as my dirt. Pedals are so much freeing to me, spending extra time tinkering with knobs when its a the click of a switch.

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