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    lindsey lohan bitten by snake

    and the snake died-----
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    Who is working on Christmas?

    Hopefully all those that worked over Christmas had uneventful shifts--
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    What if Patty Smyth had Joined Van Halen?

    I always liked her music. She had a great rock and roll voice. She rarely gets any love these days, but she was a legit rock/pop rock singer back in the day.
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    The Star Wars thread with theory, spoilers, and speculations. warned, you are.

    Like I said last year, Rey is a Kenobi, not a Skywalker. The Skywalkers have all proven to be weak, quitters per se. Kenobi was always strong, always Pure Jedi. The Weak Skywalker trait continued with the Skywalker/Solo line. Rey is a descendant of a true Jedi, a jedi that was never weak...
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    Howdy, guys!!

    Dennis must have gotten a FB vacation, lol. Funny i havent been on the site in ages and I come in and see a lone familiar face that hasnt been on in ages, :) Maybe its time for a MLP reunion--
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    Boring old guys playing boring strats

    another boring ass strat player--
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    The New Regulation on Rosewood and Bubinga

    and the dirty little secret is guitar builders, bow makers, knife makers etc are not a danger to these trees. the biggest danger is farming, especially cattle farming where thousands of acres of pristine, rain forest are cleared for grazing lands for cattle---
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    Kirk Hammett new Les Paul...

    Moore sold the guitar due to financial reasons or so I read somewhere. He had some sort of legal action filed against him for some tour cancellations and he needed the cash for a settlement, or something like that. Moore was a legendary player in Europe and more of a cult player here in...
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    Kirk Hammett new Les Paul...

    You realize this guitar was played in Thin Lizzy, Skid Row, Colleseum II and all of Moore's Rock and metal releases before he started recording strictly blues discs, correct? I'm just glad a player has this guitar rather than some collector. Maybe when Hammett is at the end of the road...
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    Kirk Hammett new Les Paul...

    What I find odd about this guitar is how many consider it Peter Green's Les Paul that somehow Gary Moore sort of ended up with it but didnt deserve it blah blah blah. But Moore owned it, played it, recorded with it and gigged it decades longer than Green. We can debate which recordings are...
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    Does Sweetwater haggle over the phone?

    I will always give my sales guy a chance to meet any deal I find anywhere. He always comes through if they sell the product. Short answer is yes, they will try.
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    Is Paul Simon an a-hole?

    Just dont ask the OLD Bohemians -- They are still sore about the NEW Bohemians--
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    Gaga banned in China

    Is GOO GOO still OK?
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    Because they can't hit back...

    Sorry brah, I'll try to be nicer.
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    Anyone going on the next Joe Bonnamssa blues cruise?

    Wow, and Stevie Wonder was there taking pics.

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