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    How to get a fake auction pulled from ebay in 20 minutes.

    Great thread-go dog go!
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    68/69 Les Paul Gold Top

    WOW! I'm amazed that you can access information like this.:wow: Can you access other s/n's from 68?
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    Who keeps their LPs stock?

    My 68 is stock-the way it should be!But my Historics have had the pots changed,what a difference :applause:
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    1953 Les Paul Goldtop Demo

    That's a sweet sounding goldie :applause:
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    Framptons '54 Custom found

    This would have to be one of the best-if not,the best thread i've seen. :applause:
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    68GT pot dates

    I've had it a little over two years and have only just built up the courage to repostion the pot to photograph it-i hate messin round with them!
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    68GT pot dates

    Here are a couple of pics of the pot dates on my '68 that are located on the side of the pot.Some of you guys might not have seen this before.The numbers are spaced a little differently from what we usually see on the back of the pots.They are dated the 26th week of 68 and i guess this would...
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    68 GT jackplate

    Yes,good call Chris.That seems to make sense.The pics i posted are a poor reflection of the colour-it's actually very cream coloured,almost butter yellow. Thanks for the pics guys and your help.If anyone has a pic of a genuine 68 jackplate-please post! :)
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    68 GT jackplate

    FANTASTIC! Thanks 'northernguy', 'Mike60' and 'LPPILOT' for your posts. No one on the other forum wants to know about it. 'nothernguy', 'LPPILOT': I'm really not sure if this one is correct. Any jackplate pics avaliable seem to indicate a white-ish colour and square edges. There is another...
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    1968 LP GT? I don't think so... WDYT?

    These photos are FANTASTIC! Do you have any of the jackplate? I'm trying to find some original JP pics so i know what to look for-and yes, i need a 68 JP.
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    68 GT jackplate

    Would anybody have a pic of an original 68 GT jackplate? I recently purchased one off the bay,but im not sure if it's correct.I'd like to know the correct color and if the edges are square or rolled.
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    1968 and 1969 LP Owners, Ledger. Need assistance.

    Ferg My 68 is in the 515 range-i've left a message for you to contact me about some 68 jackplate info-cheers.
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    '68-'69 Les Paul Goldtop Owners - Pickguard Measurement Request

    A fantastic thread that has shed some light on an otherwise difficult subject to source info on. Many thanks to JJ Blair and Danelectro for sharing your knowledge.
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    Newbie from Oz

    So long as your not a Port supporter-welcome.

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