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    Prewired Wiring harness advice for Les Paul Standard PP

    +1. I've bought two wiring harnesses from James, one for a LP and another for an SG. His attention to detail in constructing his wiring harnesses is as high as that of his pickups. And he uses high quality components for everything. For example, I forget exactly which specific CTS pots he uses...
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    Fender Supersonic 22?

    I've had two. Still have one of them. I really love the one I have. But you really should try the one you plan to buy first as some have issues. Specifically, my first one fed back like crazy when the reverb was turned up too high, and there was a rather loud pop when switching between the clean...
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    SD Phat Cats or similar

    My experience as well. Had a set. Really liked them. But they fell short of sounding like real P90s.
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    Vox Nightrain NT15 - 15 watt head

    Hot damn, these are sweet amps. Good price, too. GLWTS!
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    FS: Beautiful vintage Strat, MIJ ST-62

    Hot damn, that's sweet! GLWTS!
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    NAD Fender 68 Custom Deluxe Reverb

    Congrats! Played one not long ago at GC and loved it. Fender really hit a home run with this amp. HNAD!
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    Vox Ac15.... Good for gigging?

    I found the same thing with pedals. I didn't like it much with my Tubescreamer but loved it with my OCD. I've heard that it takes pedals better if the bright cap has been removed. But I never got around to trying that.
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    SOLD: Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Humbucker Set

    Bump and price drop: $170 Paypal'ed and shipped within the lower 48 continental US.
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    SOLD: Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Humbucker Set

    FS: Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Humbucker Set. Nickel covers. In very good condition with some light scratching on the nickel covers. Comes in original packaging with mounting screws and springs. $170 Paypal'ed and shipped within the lower 48 continental US.
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    SOLD: Rewind Creme Brulee Humbucker Set

    Selling a most excellent set of Rewind Creme Brulee humbuckers that I recently bought from a fellow member. I measured the output on this set to be 7.49k (neck) and 7.99k (bridge). These sound fantastic and really live up to the hype. It really hurts to part with them, but I simply need to sell...
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    Sigil vs ReWind?

    Very cool. You won’t be disappointed. Which set are you getting?
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    Fender Super-Sonic 22

    I think that's a good idea to try the Celestion first. Even though I typically prefer scooped, Jensen style speakers in Blackface Fender amps, I didn't like them in my SS22. The reason is that I felt like they scooped too many mids out when I engaged the fat switch.
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    Fender Super-Sonic 22

    Clean channel: With the fat switch off, I typically put bass at 4, treble around 7. Those are pretty much my go-to settings for Blackface Fender style amps. I'll then adjust slightly when I put the fat switch on. Also keep in mind that my speaker is pretty well broken-in. Before it was...