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    Roman Rist

    GnR def lost all that greasy vibe when Izzy left.
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    Installing Schaller 456/455 Bridge on a Gibson guitar

    I'm putting a 455 on my SG as well. Gotta plug the 4 existing holes and redrill for the 455. Measure twice drill once for the scale
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    Wizz PAFs

    ☘☘. DM
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    Is Brian Setzer using an ABR-1 bridge in his Smoke 6120?

    Yep. ABR on a pinned rosewood bridge. I own one, absolutely great guitar
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    Early 1961 Gibson SG LP Standard

    Sold !
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    Early 1961 Gibson SG LP Standard

    Hi yo !
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    Early 1961 Gibson SG LP Standard

    1961 Gibson SG Standard
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    Possible Billy Duffy Model?

    If you go on Billy's own webpage he's documented Gibson building guitars for him personally, including a historic. That natural top Custom looks cool, but nowhere in the article did they say his name, unless I missed it....
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    I Need a Pickguard for a 62 LP Ebony Block

    Dan at Mojoaxe did the long guard for my early 61 sg standard. Came out perfect fit
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    The downside to buying MIJ

    For me, one 3-pickup Les Paul covers a shit ton of territory. Im coming up on 2 years with my 83 Greco, it seriously needs a fret job now, and it's going to get an ebony fretboard as well when it gets in the shop.
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    Tenons: Modern CS vs. Historic Reissues

    I like that video posted because it shows the regular, standard neck tenon clearly. For years+ guys have repeated the myth that the neck was loaded with glue and' rocked' into position. Its simply a shorter tenon. That extra 1.5" of wood only counts in the bedroom
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    Which bridge pickup?

    Godwood or Marshallhead...Love Godwoods though
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    CC#1 Historic Makeovers Greeny Conversion

    Took a beautiful guitar and paid for someone to beat the snot out of it.
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    For Sale - Seymour Duncan Invader

    Thank Vic !

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