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    Now this is bloody ridiculous! Gibson mixed up the P90s!

    Ha! Classic example of why I mostly keep my posts to 15 words or fewer.
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    Show me you BLACK Les Pauls.......

    Here is mine ... used to be ALL black, but that got boring
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    NGD...traded the Tribute in on a Classic.

    Play that every day
  4. blind radish

    Gibson Exclusives Collection - who needs olive drab?

    My gun is loaded ... where is my foot?
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    If you had 2k to spend on an LP, what would YOU buy

    1996 Classic Get in my Belly!!!
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    Dayum! This is nice.

    Mommy ... more Jello
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    NGD 2015 Special Pro - I learned something new today

    Had one ... it was nice, but not a keeper.
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    I'm bored - collection pic

    I'll play ....
  9. blind radish

    Tried a LP Special...blew me away

    I had this guitar's twin .... super!
  10. blind radish

    Moron owned Les Paul

    And the story goes .... "So my Les Paul was involved in a knife fight..."
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    Sold. 2006 Gibson Les Paul Studio. Gloss Ebony w/OHSC. $650+Shipping.

    What a great deal! GLWS GA -- I am married to the Special I got from you!
  12. blind radish

    FS: 1997 Gibson Les Paul Studio Wine Red Gold Hardware

    Just the right amount of Mojo
  13. blind radish

    SOLD 2005 SG Classic

  14. blind radish

    SOLD 2014 Fender Special Run FMT Standard Stratocaster

    Putting this out as a feeler. I just got this one it. Plays beautifully, easy on the back, great flexibility with the SSH. This is a GC original Fender Special Run. Only 350 made so rare. This one is in mint shape, save a little haze on the gold input jack and the gold neck plate. If I keep...

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