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    London in the 60s & 70s

    In the horse world prices are still quoted in guineas at many of the big sales in Britain and Ireland
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    Clapton maestro tailpiece mod for 63 SG

    Thanks for suggestions. I emailed Dan who said he could make me one . . but would really need the guitar. My need isn't so great that I'd risk sending a 63 SG from UK! The comb on mine is not flat on the felt, there is a small amount of play. I'll probably try to get a repro Maestro and find...
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    Clapton maestro tailpiece mod for 63 SG

    Yes I've come to the same conclusion as you. I think I'd need the machining done by a pro, the chances of maiming myself are probably quite high.
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    Clapton maestro tailpiece mod for 63 SG

    Anyone know where I can get a modded tailpiece like this?: My 63 SG plays fantastically until you get right up the dusty end (17th fret) when it suddenly becomes very plinky (technical term) with no sustain at all. I'm pretty sure this is because of the bad...
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    58 to 60 Dc junior weight range.

    Here are mine: 58 Jr: 6lb 2oz 59 LP TV: 7lb 7oz 60 Jr: 7lb 8oz The 58is the lightest DC I've ever played
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    UK sellers thread

    Any interest in a Fargen Retro Classic head? Does JTM 45 as well as Bassman and Super Bass. 25 watts and 2xkt66s
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    Recently acquired '59 Junior

    I have a 60 Junior with a tree trunk neck profile. Much, much more girth than my 58 and 59 juniors or my 57 Special. What's interesting is I have a mate with a 60 DC and a 57 SC. once again the 60 has a huge neck while the 57 has a noticeable smaller profile.
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    Not for me: 1963 Gibson SG on eBay

    There seem to be a lot of unanswered questions re this guitar. It could be a 63 with a sideways trem. It could be a 63 with "Les Paul" marque. It could potentially even be a 63 that really did leave the factory with one of the last PAFs AND one of the early Patent Numbers. But all those...
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    1958 and 1959 TV Models

    Resistance is slightly higher on my 59TV than on my 58 Junior. BUT, the 58 definitely sounds as if it has more output. I'm convinced this is down to the wood. The 58 is featherlight . . . 6lb 2oz . . . compared to the 7lb 7oz TV. My 57 Special, which has the weakest output to my ears, is a...
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    UK sellers thread

    Price drop: £3.7k
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    player grade vintage Jr. or special - worth to buy??

    I own and gig three vintage juniors and one special. I also have a CS DC Special. I think the chances of getting burned with a fake are small simply because there's not that much profit margin for the faker. To produce something that will fool a buyer who has done even a little homework would...
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    Best case for a vintage LP junior double cut

    I do. But hard to find used in good condition at a decent price
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    UK sellers thread

    CS VOS Kossoff LP, no 087. Owned by me from new. Original, apart from knobs which I changed to top hats. Speed knobs that came with guitar in case. Looking for £4k. Only trades I'm interested in are vintage 56-58 SC Junior. Happy for people to come and try. Apologies for poor photos, message me...
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    Thoughts? point to point handwired single channel 1974x

    Seems a strange speaker choice simply because the Greenback is such an integral part of the 1974x's signature tone. However, if it sounds good, it is good. :)
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    Patent number pickups vs modern boutique paf replicas

    I have pats in a 63 SG and a set of Bare Knuckle Mules in a 2005 Les Paul Faded. In terms of tonal quality, nothing to choose between them IMHO. Now p90s are another story. The vintage p90s in my 57 Special wipe the floor with the modern Gibson versions in my CS 1960 Special. I believe the old...

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