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    Your idea of a perfect guitar solo

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    solid top or veneer

    Veneer or photo flame. Looks photo flame mostly to me but it is hard to spot on photo. In real photo flame looks flat, no depth. Real veneer like that would look more 3d.
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    Epiphone Les Paul Standard upgrades...

    :welcome: Nice looking guitar too.
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    RIP Lee Kerslake

    Back jamming with Randy up there... RIP Lee, give my Regards to Randy.
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    Just joined

    Welcome :welcome::wave:
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    What’s a good T-Top clone?

    I had send it to tonespinner pickups, hookup wire was really short on it and previous owner change it to be able to split coils. I had him restore it and ad a new longer hookup wire. He gave me the info after i asked. Also gave me the reading of the pu 7.7 kOhm and L =3.19 H. So i know this...
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    What’s a good T-Top clone?

    Just out of curiosity... These are both my ttops.... Forget the s h a w Could you tell from these if this one has ceramic magnet? :oops: i asume the cover is not original that is why i ask.
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    What’s a good T-Top clone?

    Well talking about Shaws... :hmm: :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:;)
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    Is this nickel or chrome?! Legit ABR?

    Normaly nickel warmer color, chrome cold (blue). This one looks nickel to me.
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    What’s a good T-Top clone?

    I was told mine had rough cast alnico v in it (1980) so could he be wrong or could there be some that still had them? How different would these be tonewise? Mine are still drawer rockers that is why i ask, hope you don't mind. Just can't look at it as it is a covered pickup, only the older ttop...
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    Twelve-pound Les Paul - too much?

    My Burny lc70rr is what is the issue here. :rofl: :rofl:
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    What is a small thing that makes a big difference to your LP?

    String hight.... I love them nice and lowwwww. Were i take mine for setup likes to set them up pretty high.... Sky high. But in the end they set it up nice and low... Had to tell them, set as low as you can i don't care for some buzzzzz! Now is is nice and low... No string buzz and i am back in...
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    A Possible Sign Of Life Right Next Door To Earth, On Venus

    Damn they need to change the lyrics... ....
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    Dressing a 600 lb tuna

    Hmmmm shashimi.....

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