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    Rare Finish Traditional Pro Questions

    Love the flame top. I think it is great to find these oddities. Although it does not improve playing, it does make the guitar feel more special for some reason. This is coming from someone with 63 guitars.
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    Getting a Trad Pro on clearance

    I have a 2012 trad pro goldtop that has never been played I will sell you for $1550 via PayPal. Let me know if you are interested. Of course you have to pay shipping, but if the ebony is not your color of choice you can buy mine.
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    Rare Finish Traditional Pro Questions

    The trad pro II as far as I can tell on the GC website only has the goldtop offered with a 50's neck. They are a bit all over the place with the website and pics.
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    Rare Finish Traditional Pro Questions

    Thanks for the reply. The value for me is second to owning a one of a kind that I know is mine and only mine. This with it sounding amazing is more than enough of course. Just wondering if it would be considered rare. It not being a conscious run to me would make it lean more on the rare...
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    Rare Finish Traditional Pro Questions

    Thank you for the reply. It does have the satin back finish. Some employee made it like this and gibson let it slip through the cracks. Serial number and model number all check out to be a traditional pro. Given there is quite possibly only one like this, my positive side says it is pretty...
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    The rarest Les Pauls

    I think I have something rather rare, but it is a new les paul traditional pro. I was going through the GC Platinum Room site looking for a new Goldtop Traditional Pro and came across an oddball that was in the Baton rouge Lousiana store. This one has a light back on it. From what I know about...
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    NGD: Les Paul Trad Pro GT

    Nice GT. I too purchased a new traditional Pro GT. It is now my 4th one (I have a 2010 GT trad pro, 2011 GT trad pro with P90's and now 2 2012 GT trad pros). My pictures are not so great, but I bought this one because I think it is something rare coming from the factory. All the trad pro...
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    Rare Finish Traditional Pro Questions

    Hello Everyone. I am new to the forum and have a question regarding a possible rare find/purchase of a 2012 Traditional Pro Goldtop. All traitional pro goldtops I have ever seen, played or come across since 2010 have a dark reddish/brown back on them (I currently own a 2010 trad pro GT, 2011...

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