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    When saying "Would" goes too far!

    Sumpin' fishy going on there.
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    I'd strike bowling off the list. Could end up with a knee reset and a pin.
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    Firing up the electric smoker today. Corned beef brisket.

    Isn't smoked corned beef just pastrami??
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    NPTD (new police truck day)

    I don't think his wife will be driving it.
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    NPTD (new police truck day)

    Go arrest a known thief and get him to steal you some proper wheels and tires for that thing. :)
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    Space Force Uniforms

    Practicing take-offs.
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    jokes & funnies.

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    Gabby Petito -- missing 22 year old

    That's hilarious!! (stop making me look up words!) :laugh2: Prescient: ADJECTIVE having or showing knowledge of events before they take place BTW: You never showed this in your recipe you shared. From the picture I see, at what point do you add the Fancy feast? Secret ingredient??
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    Gabby Petito -- missing 22 year old

    Rob's no "hick"! He's a YankeeFloridianCajun witch chef. :)
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    Gabby Petito -- missing 22 year old

    I've been wondering the same thing. I think kids today feel life is just video game and they can just respawn and start over no matter what they did. They don't see past today or know consequence in life for their actions with all the snowflake upbringing. OR he was just plain nuts and got...
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    Gabby Petito -- missing 22 year old

    Bet they find that piece of shit swinging from a tree....coward.
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    Just took this pic with my new phone

    Barely tell it's a Martin D-15 Mahogany.
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    I just got permantly banned on TGP

    I bet TGP has chocolate Dumble cake.
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    jokes & funnies.

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    I guess its my turn, sad day

    Very sorry. Nothing worse.

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