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    6 New Slash Guitars

    The price is quite crazy...about $3300 USD for a Gibson USA guitar? Meh
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    Embarrassing Les Paul Realizations

    You are not alone, I have the same experience :naughty:
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    Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE

    It sounds really good! Especially the unique "ghost" control. Finally Origin Effects has something not compressor :dude:
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    Demo of the new Origin heads

    Oh please! I'm curious about that too. A 20w head would be great for my man cave.
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    R7 pricing is crazy!

    I'm with dc007! Some ppl may say it's a snake-oil thing but I'm a hot-hide glue believer... BTW Custom Shop starts the more expensive true historic spec in 2015, which means reissue series before that are their flagship.
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    NGD 2013 20th Anniversary R7 Black Beauty 3-Pickup

    It's a '57 reissue and 20th anniversary is for the Custom Shop historic series (I know it's kinda confusing) For details, you may check the link from the first line of my original post.
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    NGD 2013 20th Anniversary R7 Black Beauty 3-Pickup

    Thanks! If that's hard to find around your country, consider to check Digimart for Japanese goods, I found mine there. (if you do read Japanese or find a way to translate it) BTW Les Paul Custom is a good target since its fingerboard is not rosewood in general. When I contacted the seller, the...
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    NGD 2013 20th Anniversary R7 Black Beauty 3-Pickup

    I'm satisfied with the vibe, besides I have a R9 with plastic knobs. Mr. Fett, I've watched your demo video about it, really informative! But personally I like to try the 6-way switch approved by Jimmy Page.:naughty:
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    Little Help... Please!

    Actually you may mail to Gibson customer support directly, they will help to verify it. Anyway, Yamano is the Gibson dealer in Japan and the ESP Custom Shop stamp means your R9 was bought from the store, which is also the biggest ESP official dealer in west Japan, the store also sells other...
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    Certificate Of Authenticity (COA)

    2013 COA for the 20th Anniversary of Custom Shop Historic Reissue guitars Mine comes with a black beauty.
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    NGD 2013 20th Anniversary R7 Black Beauty 3-Pickup

    Just received my new axe, 20th Anniversary 1957 Les Paul Black Beauty 3-Pickup Few points attract me: 1. Custom Buckers 2. Deep-set neck tenon, hot-hide glued 3. 4.25kg (9.38lbs) weight 4. One-piece mahogany body & ebony fingerboard (I don't like to pay so much for paper) 5. Non-yellowed binding...
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    NGD: Les Paul Custom 3-Pickup Black Beauty

    I’m surprised the rare axe like this would go to clearance! Especially we don’t know if Custom Shop can have its 30th anniversary for reissued series or not...:fingersx: Mine is on the way, I can’t wait to see it!
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    How Do You Store It?

    I choose electronic dry cabinet, each one can be used for 2 acoustic or 4 electronic guitars:
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    New Free-Way Easy Fit Guitar Switch 3X3-07 for 3 pickups wiring upgrade

    I just purchase a 3 pickups black beauty and survey the wiring upgrades. There are some solutions and I'm interested in Jimmy Pages's 6 way switch. Then I found the new product from Free-Way 3X3-07, it's pre-wired and make it much easier to install...
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    Historic Changes '93-'07

    Official 2018 changes:

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